What Size Bedroom For A Queen Bed

What Size Bedroom For A Queen Bed

Queen beds can easily fit in master bedrooms and come with beautiful frames. If you do not have a large room,  then you should learn what size bedroom for a queen bed is needed. 

Small sizes are also suitable for queen beds. So if someone can’t afford large bedrooms, they can easily decorate their bedroom with a bed. There are many patterns and types of queens.

Queen beds are smaller than king-size beds. They are narrower than a king- bed. Sometimes king beds can not be placed in bedrooms because of a shortage of space. If you have a partner and child but you want to have a minimum size, it is the right choice for you.   

You should have an idea about the frame, headboard, mattress type and thickness, and some other things along with the size of it so that you can plan the layout properly.     

The frame size, mattress, mattress type, shape of the frame, headboard, ottoman, layout consideration, this type, and many other things are important factors.

Plan A Layout

Plan A Layout For A Queen Bed

Planning a layout is very important. You need to plan where to place it and other furniture. Decide which type of this you like and plan which furniture you want to place. You have to decide if you want to place an area rug or runners on the floor or not. 

There are many patterns for placing the bed which will depend on the window position and other things in the bedroom. You can place the bed against the wall in the middle or in a corner. If you place your own in a corner, there will be a lot of space where you can place bedside tables, drawers, relaxing chairs, glass tables, and other furniture.    

You can place the bed at a slant angle or in the center of the room surrounded by other furniture. The placing of the bed and type of the bed will decide how many spaces are to leave to place other furniture and for walking space.

 You should ensure at least 30 m of space on each side between the bed and the wall. If one side of the bed is against the wall, then keep 30m space on the other 3 sides so that you can move easily even after placing furniture. So you have to know what size bedroom for a queen bed is needed so that you can learn all these measurements.    

Type of the Queen Beds And Sizes

If you want to know what size bedroom for a queen bed is required, you have to know the queen sizes and patterns.

There are two types of it. 

  1. Standard-size

2. Non-Standard queen beds  

1. Standard Size Queen Beds

 Standard is larger than full beds. They are also larger than twin beds. But standard beds are narrower than king beds.

Standard is 152 cm wide and 203 cm long which means the width is 60 inches and the length is 80 inches. While king beds are 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. That means standards are as lengthy as the king bed but 16 inches narrower than that.

Full beds are 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. These beds are 6 inches less wide than a standard and 5 inches longer than a standard bed.   

Standard is 5 inches longer and 21 inches wider than a twin- bed. So you should have a minimum size room for standard. Master rooms can be a good choice as they have minimum space to place a standard queen bed with some furniture. 

2. Non-Standard Queen Beds

There are some types of non-standard. They are California, Olympic, and Split beds. The sizes of these types of it are given below: 

California Queen Beds

California Queen Beds

The standard bed has some differences from California. California is longer than standard. So people who are longer than 6 feet can easily choose California even if the room is not a larger one.

A couple can comfortably sleep in and in the case of California, you can keep your pet with you when you are sleeping. Pets love to sleep with their master. So if you choose a California, you can let your pet in the lower part of the bed.

Again some people have an awkward habit of drifting in the lower part after their sleep. They have the choice of buying California.   

California is 60 inches wide and 84 inches long. So they are 4 inches longer than the standard                                                                                           

If you choose California beds, you have to ensure a room that is large enough so that you can place an ottoman at the footpoint of your bed and have enough bare space to walk in. 

You have to know the pattern of California beds to know what size bedroom for a queen bed. As the California bed is lengthy, the bed item should be lengthy too.     

Olympic Queen Beds

Olympic Queen Beds

The length of Olympic beds is the same as the standard. Olympics are wider than standard and this is the difference between them.

The olympic are 6 inches wider than standard. You can sleep with so much comfort in an Olympic as you and your partner will have a lot of space of your own.     

As the space is wide enough, you, your partner, and your babies will get a lot of space and can sleep in peace. Each of the persons will get proper space and won’t feel suffocated in a short space.  

Olympics are 66 inches wide and 80 inches long. So the wide space of your room should be wide enough so that you can place bedside tables or flower vases or a lamp beside the bed. 

For that, you must learn what size bedroom for a queen bed. Olympics are also known as Expanded beds as they are wider than standard.

Split Queen Beds

Split Queen Beds

Split queen beds have the same as standard. But the difference between standard and split is in their pattern. 

Split beds look like twin beds that are shaped to place together in the same frame. But splits are 21 inches wide and 5 inches longer than twin beds. It gives a couple enough space for them separately in the same bed. 

A Split is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long and each of you will have 30 inches wide space and 80 inches long space which you can call your own sleeping place.

Moreover, you can choose your own mattresses every 30 inches. So you and your partner can choose your favorite mattress and set two different mattresses on the same bed. This is an amazing advantage of split beds.

You can place a split in the guest room too. In fact, most people place split in their guest bedrooms as it does not need so much space and fits in the guest room properly.

Things that Need to be Considered

To know what size bedroom for a queen bed you have chosen, you need to know about the frame types, designs, mattress materials, thickness, and so many things. 

Frame Type and Size

Not only is its type and but the frame type also matters.

Sometimes the frame is made of wood and some frames are also made of metals too. The width and length of the frame also play a big role in the room. If the frame takes up some extra space, then you have to choose a larger one it. 

Generally, the width of a frame is 60.5 to 70 inches. The length can be 70-90 inches. It depends on the material type, mattress type, and if the bed is with a headboard or without any headboard.    

Mattress Type and Material

Mattress Type and Material For A Queen Bed

The frame size varies due to matters which affect the room. If the mattress is large, then the bed frame will be large and you will need a more spacious size.

As you are learning what size bedroom for a queen bed you need, learn about the mattress type too. The thickness of the mattresses can be different from one another. 

If the mattress is thicker, then the frame will be larger. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that the mattress should fit properly. So the frame depends on the mattress.

The mattress material is also an important thing. Depending on the mattress material, the thickness of the mattress varies.   

Headboard Size And Design

Headboard Size And Design

 The headboard needs to be considered while measuring the requirement of its size. Some queen beds come with headboards while some of them come without headboards. 

If your choose it has a headboard, then you will need some space for that. So the room should be large enough. You should ensure at least 30 inches of clearance around the perimeter of your own. Bed and clearance must be considered to know the room.    

The headboard can be 60-63 inches wide and 48-50 inches long. It can be more or less according to the mattress type and frame size. The design should be chosen by you but that is also a consideration to know what size bedroom for a queen bed is required.   

Surrounding Space

There should be a minimum of 76.2 cm of space surrounding the perimeter. The perfect space surrounding the perimeter on each side is 91.4 cm. 

So the minimum space surrounding the perimeter on each side is 30 inches and the perfect space surrounding the perimeter on each side is 36 inches. If there are 36 inches of space surrounding the bed on each side, then it will be comfortable to walk and place furniture while keeping enough gaps.  

Required Bedroom Sizes

If you want to place a queen bed in your bedroom, then the minimum should be 9.6 feet by 10 feet. It is said some experts that 10 feet by 10 feet are the minimum which means the room should be 3.05m long and 3.05m wide. 

A standard- can place in 10 feet by 10 feet room or 10 feet by 11 feet bedroom. Split beds can be placed in this room too.  

If such is 10 feet by 12 feet, then you can place a bedside table, drawers, a relaxing chair, and area rugs. You can place the ottoman at the footpoint of the bed as well. Round or square area rugs can place.

If the room is 10 feet by 13 feet, then you can place California or the Olympics. The perfect comfortable room for California or Olympic is 10 feet by 14 feet which means the room is 3.05m wide and 4.27m long.


The room items for queen beds depend on the things we have described above. The pattern, design, and are absolutely up to your choice. You may have some personal preferences. 

Don’t select a room that is too small or too big Keep simple but classy furniture in the room and bring cozy feelings. Determine the room you need as now you know what size bedroom for a queen bed is required.

Let us know your opinion if you find this article useful. Enjoy your day!

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