What Size Rug For Bedroom King Bed

What Size Rug For Bedroom King Bed

Rug size for a king bed does not depend on only the kind of bed size but also on the bedroom size and layout. So if you want to learn what size rug for bedroom king bed you need, you should have an idea about the room size and layout of the furniture you have in the bedroom.

It always gives a cozy feeling to your room. You will love landing on the soft rugs and feeling the softness on your feet in the morning after you wake up. It also protects your feet on cold winter mornings. 

Rugs save the floor surface from getting scratched. Moreover, your room will be free from excessive sounds from outside as items will absorb the sound. 

The room is the cozy place where we escape after a hectic day and want peaceful sleep and comfort. You can decorate your bed with lots of furniture but it gives it a finishing touch and create a calm environment.

The hardwood floor surface can decorate with fluffy items that will make you feel amazing. This will enhance the beauty of your bed and you can put some creative effort by layering them with bold colors.     

As you have placed an in your which expresses your classy concept for the room. The rug absolutely depends on the room and your plan for the layout.   

Plan A Layout

Plan A Layout Rug For Bedroom King Bed

No matter what the room is, you need to plan about placing other furniture in yours. Then you can decide which furniture will be on top of the bed. If you want to determine what size rug for bedroom king bed you need, you have to decide where to place the rug and plan the pattern as well.

You should decide if the nightstands will be on the top of the items or not. It also depends on the type of king you have. Many people like standard beds while many people love California king or Olympic king or Alaskan king beds.   

Position Of The Bed

Position Of The Bed

You can place the bed according to the planned layout. Its size also depends on the position of the bed. Your item can be placed against the wall, against the window, at one corner, or at an oblique angle. If you have a luxurious bedroom, you can keep the bed at the center like a floating one. 

Room Size

Room Size Rug For Bedroom King Bed

To know what size rug for bedroom king bed you need to know the first. If your room is small, then you need to choose a medium-sized rug. 

Again if the is large and you keep a small without planning a nice pattern, then it will make the room look ugly. So you need to buy a perfect-sized according to the size. 

Placement Of The Rug

Placement Of The Rug

According to the placement space, can be smaller or larger. You should put the rug in the right position. If the bed is positioned against the wall, then keep 3 quarters of it verticality underneath the bed. A 2-3 feet rug will expose the footboard where you can keep an ottoman or cushions on top of it. This way it will allow us to expose a few inches of it on the 3 sides of the bed.

Again you can place it horizontally on the top half of it when the nightstands and bedside table will be on top of. You can put it in the middle underneath the king item.

Use Painters Tape

 If you are so confused about what size rug for bedroom king bed you need, then you can test a demo process.

Plan where you want to keep it and place the painter’s tape according to the borderlines. Once the pattern is completed, have a look at its pattern if it goes well with your room or not.

Once the pattern is selected, then go to the shop and buy the required for your bed.   

Different Sized Rugs For

There are some patterns of rugs for different sized rooms by which you will get the idea about what size rug for bedroom king bed. Some of the rugs are given below:

A 5 Feet By 8

A 5 Feet By 8 Feet Rug

This size is too small for placing under a bed. Yet some people like this. So you can place this underneath the bed using a simple trick. 

Place it on the footboard or beside the away from the nightstand. You can layer 2 or 3  rugs of 5 feet by 8 feet to make a different look.

A 6 Feet By 9

You can place it from the middle half of the underneath of the or can keep 2 or 3 quarters under the bed. 

If you want to expose it at the foot point, then place a relaxing chair or an ottoman or cushions with it. Don’t ever put half of the furniture on top of it. 

Either place the furniture fully on top of it or it on the bare floor. But if you keep half of any furniture, whether it is on the nightstands or the side table, or the ottoman, the furniture will be imbalanced.

6 feet by 9 of it can be put vertically or horizontally. You can put them in a corner or at an oblique angle at one corner of the bed. While keeping a few feets underneath the bed. 

If you place it in a vertical position, start from the lower half or lower 3 quarters underneath the bed and a few of the items will expose on the 3 sides. 

An 8 Feet By 10 Feet

An 8 Feet By 10 Feet Rug

If you place it underneath the king, fewer inches will expose on the 3 sides. But when the item is placed at the center of the room. It will be exposed on 4 sides. 

If you keep it at a wide angle then the nightstands and side table will be on top of it. But if you place it from the lower half of it, then the foot point, ottoman, and cushions will be on top of it.

If the nightstands are placed on bare hardwood floors, make sure there is an 18-24 inches gap between the nightstands and the top edge of the rug.     

A 9 Feet By 12

This is a large-sized rug. If your bedroom is large, then 9 by 12 feet will be perfect. But if the is of average size. Then 9 by 12 feet it can be hard to put as it will take over all the floor space. All the furniture in the room will be on top of that. 

Make sure that there is a 2-3 feet gap between the wall and the edge of it. Otherwise, it will look like a wall-to-wall carpet. 

If the room is large and your king is to keep at the center point. Then 9 by 12 feet rug is a perfect size. But if the is small, then of the items can make the look visually overwhelming. 

You can place 9 feet by 12 horizontally or vertically or at an oblique angle. 9 by 12 feet rug will make you tension free when you have a California king or an Alaskan. It is the best for luxurious bedrooms. 

A 12 Feet By 18

This is the extra large-sized. If you have a luxurious room with a lot of space, then you will need this size rug. 

But before you place this extra large-sized rug, make sure that there is a few feet gap between the end edges of the rug and the walls.     

Round Rug Size For Bedroom

Round rugs create a different look and make the room beautiful. The textures and patterns are so beautiful. But you need to know the right and right keeping position for round rugs in a bed with a bed.

There are different sizes of round items. First of all, select a beautiful texture and then search for sizes. There are 4 feet, 6, 8 feet,10,12 round rugs, and many other sizes. 

In a bedroom with a king- bed, you will need an 8 feet round. This is considered the perfect round rug for a room king. If the room is large, then you can keep 10 feet or 12 rounds in your room underneath the king. 

The positioning of the round is easy. You can keep it in the middle underneath the bed or place it at the bedside. Placed the round in one corner of the bed. While keeping a few inches underneath the king can be a great idea.  

If the bed is in a central position in the room and your is large, then you can put a 12 feet round rug underneath and a few inches will be exposed. 

If you want to place 10 feet around. Then start placing it from the lower half of the king and the ottoman will be on the top of the size. Keep 2-3 cushions with it.   


King- beds are large in size. So you should choose large items for it. But keep a few feet gap between the edges of the rug and the wall. So that it does not look like a wall-to-wall carpet.   

Choose a perfect-sized round to add a colorful look. If you keep the rug covering the entire floor surface in a small room. Then the look will be visually overwhelming and crowded.  

Perfect rugs make the look classy and make you feel cozy. It is the first and last landing point of your feet every day. So you need to place a proper-sized soft, fluffy item for your king to give yourself a royal feeling. 

Hope you have gotten the best ideas about what size rug for bedroom king bed you need from this article. Don’t forget to share your opinion by commenting below. Have a good day!

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