How To Decorate A Small Bedroom With A King Bed

How To Decorate A Small Bedroom With A King Bed

King beds are comfortable and have a lot of space. If you live with your family, then a king bed is needed. Many people wonder how to decorate a small bedroom with a king bed.

Small bedrooms can be decorated with a king bed.

King beds are desired by everyone as it is spacious and you can sprawl on your own side. It is especially necessary for family members. 

Decorating a small bedroom may seem tough, but you can do it in simple ways. The room will not look cramped or busy at all. Wondering how? We will show how to decorate a small bedroom with a king bed through this article.     

You need to utilize all the areas in a tricky way and keep the floor space clear as possible. King items come with headboards and thick mattresses. Use enough possible thin mattresses and keeping the headboard is up to your choice.

Know the Quantifications

Know the Quantifications

Before placing a bed, you have to know the measurements of the room. You need to know the size of the king bed as well. Keep the standard-size bed for a small bedroom. 

If you know the size of it and the room, then you will easily get to know how much area is available for placing other furniture. 

You need to keep bare space so that you can have minimum walking space in the room. Try to keep the floor space free enough so that the room looks spacious and the air can come into the room. 

Place The Largest Furniture First

Place The Largest Furniture First

Before decorating, you need to decide which furniture you want to place in the small bedroom along with the bed. You have to pre-plan these things. 

Just keep the must-have things. Among all the furniture which you are going to place in your bedroom with the king item, place the large one first.

Once you have placed the large one among the selected furniture, then you can easily place other furniture too. 

First of all, you should place the bed. After that, pick the large one from the remaining selected furniture. Then you can easily place other small furnishing items.

Don’t place a lot of furniture along with the king system. Otherwise, the room will look busy and overcrowded. 

Positioning Of The Bed

Positioning Of The Bed

You have to place the bed in the right position in the bedroom. If you can’t position it in a convenient place in the bedroom, then it will take up almost all the space in the room.

So you need to be tricky. You can place the room in the middle of the room against the wall or in a corner of the bedroom. The bed can be placed under or against the window. 

It can be placed opposite a window too. Hang curtains from high across the window so that you can keep it open or close any time you want. 

If you place it against a window, don’t block the window. Let the natural light come through the window. The air will refresh your body and mind. On the other hand, hanging large-sized and lengthy curtains will make the room look bigger.

Keep the Colors Light

Keep the Colors Light

If the color of the wall of your bedroom is kept white or off-white, the light will reflect and the room will look brighter.

Keep the colors soft and bright which will give a calm and peaceful look. If you add warm colors that will be visually busy and you will not get a comfortable feeling.

The colors of the furniture and the bed cover should also be soft colors. White, off-white, pink, pearl shade, pink, faded blue and other soft colors can be the right choice.

You can keep the cover of the cushion textured but keep the color bright and soft. These tricks will make the room look spacious and create a peaceful environment.  

Use Wall Lights

Use Wall Lights

If you set lights on the wall or set hanging lights, then you will not need the reading lamp at all. You can use the bedside table for other purposes or you can just remove it from the bedroom as you are using the wall lights. 

But place the lights in the right position. If you place the light in a high position behind the bed top, then the light will help you read at late night. So this can be a perfect place to set the lights. Use LED lights that are bright but not harmful. 

You can place wall lights in several places on the walls of the bedroom.     

Let The Natural Light Come In

Let The Natural Light Come In

If the room has one or two windows, don’t block them. Let the fresh air and natural light come in. The natural light will make the room look brighter.

Moreover, natural light will keep you healthy. Use lengthy and wide curtains and hang them high. Make sure that the curtains are lengthy from the top to the floor so that it does not divide the pattern.  

Utilize Vertical Spaces

Utilize Vertical Spaces

You need to utilize the vertical spaces of the bedroom. Keep the floor space free as much as possible. Place limited furniture in the floor space and utilize the vertical space. 

You can build shelves and wall drawers, and wall cupboards in vertical areas of the room. Hanging shelves can also be set on the walls.  

Set lights on the wall so that you don’t need to have the bedside table and reading lamp in the bedroom. 

You can hang soft colored curtains to make the room look bigger and can place a TV behind the curtain attached to the wall. When you want to watch tv, open the curtains and then keep them closed when you don’t need them.   

Utilize Mirror Reflection

Utilize Mirror Reflection

Placing a mirror in the bedroom is an excellent idea. The light from the wall reflects on the mirror and makes the room brighter than ever.

You can place mirrors in many places in the bedroom. It can be placed on the door of the closet, on the wall, or on the headboard.  You can hang a mirror as well. But fixing a mirror on the wall can be a great idea. You can set it on the wall which is beside the bed or opposite a window. 

If the mirror is placed opposite a window, then the natural light will be reflected as well. So the room will remain brightest all the time. Attach a large-sized mirror so that it covers the entire wall space on one side.

You can place two or three mirrors in one bedroom. The larger the mirror, the brighter the bedroom is. You can paint metal-based paintings which also work like mirrors and make the room look spacious. 

Attach Tall Headboards

Attach Tall Headboards To Decorate A Small Bedroom With A King Bed

Headboards with long heights always make the place wider. Moreover, you can attach cabinets or drawers to the headboard to keep things there. 

A tall headboard creates an illusion that makes the room look more spacious than the actual size. 

You can add textures to the headboard and can make it colorful. Soft colors also create a spacious look.  

Place Multifunctional Furnishing Items

When the bedroom does not have enough space to place a lot of furniture, then you need to be tricky. Place furniture which can serve you for multi-purposes. 

For example, you can choose king beds with drawers where you can keep your jewelry items, dresses, and electrical products as well. The headboard with cabinets can be used for keeping necessary things in the cabinets. 

If the nightstand is attached to the headboard, then you don’t need to install a separate nightstand. Wall lights can be a substitute for bedside tables with table lamps. You can set a mirror on the closet window or on the wall. 

So multifunctional furniture helps you to keep products properly without using floor space.

Make Illusions

You can create illusions by which you can convince your eyes and other people that there is a spacious interior area in your bedroom. 

If you paint the entire room including the ceiling area with the same color and if you keep the color light, then the corner and wall divisions will not be seen like before and the room will look bigger. 

Keeping the furniture colors, bed cover and cushion colors and the wall and curtain colors soft will create an illusion that will make the room look two or three times bigger than the real size.   

So you will feel comfortable in a spacious place even after placing a bed in a small bedroom. To know more about how to decorate a small bedroom with a king bed, keep reading. 

Keep it Simple

Don’t place any unnecessary things that you don’t need much or you need sometimes. Just a place must have things that you always need.

Don’t place so many colorful things and large furniture in a small bedroom which already has a king item on the surface. Too many things, even small things, make the outlook busy and cramped. So let the place be free from heavy furniture and only put must-have things. 

By using multifunctional furniture, you can put things in the attached drawers which will not grab any extra space.   

Avoid Dark Colors

Avoid Dark Colors To Decorate A Small Bedroom With A King Bed

Dark colors will make the room look smaller than the real dimension of the bedroom. So don’t paint any dark colors and don’t use dark-colored bed sheets and cushions and other things. 

Even if you place the mirror, the dark color will not let the light reflect throughout the bedroom. So you should avoid dark colors as you are decorating a small bedroom with a bed.    

Keep The Bed Foundation Lower

If you keep the bed foundation lower,  then it will be lower than the ceiling area too. So the gap between the lower bed foundation and the ceiling area will be more than the normal gap between them in general. 

The gap will visually create an illusion that the bedroom will seem more spacious even after placing a king bed. Isn’t that amazing?

To learn more about how to decorate a small bedroom with a king bed, continue reading till the end.

Do Some Experiment With The Scale

The size of the king size will not be less. But you can choose a short and narrow type of furniture for the bedroom. 

If you want to keep a bedside table, pick a narrow one that is tall and has drawers. Pick a narrow and lengthy dresser that is not so wide and will not take up so much space in the room.     

Try to find a thin enough mattress for the bed. Choose the right frame size which will not be so large but perfect enough for the king looks. The frame design should be simple. 

If you want to keep a nightstand, choose a narrow nightstand. Overall, try to minimize the size of other furniture which you need. There should be no space for unnecessary things.   

Keep The Cozy Feel

Keep The Cozy Feel To Decorate A Small Bedroom With A King Bed

The Bedroom needs a cozy feel. But you should keep in mind that you can’t make the look visually overwhelming and cramped. 

To create a cozy vibe, you can place an area rug or runners on the floor. You should keep bare spaces on the floor as well. 

Don’t place a large rug. You can place 5 feet by 8 feet or 6 feet by 9 feet rug for a medium or small size bedroom with a bed. This site will be perfect.

 Place the rug under the bed or at the footpoint so that there are some inches of the rug exposed where you can land your feet on cold winter mornings. The rug will make the cozy look without making it look busy or cluttered.


 King beds are large but can be placed in a small or minimum-sized bedroom without making the bedroom look busy. Just plan a layout, utilize every corner, remove unnecessary things and make them look brighter and spacious. 

By reading this article you have already known how to decorate a small bedroom with a king bed. Let us know your opinion through comments. Enjoy your day!

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