How To Fix A Hole In An Air Mattress With Duct Tape

How To Fix A Hole In An Air Mattress With Duct Tape

Air Mattresses are great travel partners when you are camping. You can treat your guests with air mattresses to provide them with a sound sleep. These are often punctured due to carelessness. But sometimes it happens accidentally. As duct tape is easy to find in almost every house, you should learn how to fix a hole in an air mattress with duct tape.

The tape is a handy item that you can buy from any departmental shop. You may wonder how to fix a hole in an air mattress with duct tape, but it provides amazing primary support to your mattress. 

Sometimes the deflation or puncture happens at an awkward moment and you become disappointed. What if you are camping and feel tired, then you go to sleep and you feel the deflated bed? A deflated air mattress not only gives you uncomfortable sleep but also gives you neck pains as a bonus.

The tape is a nice adhesive product that you can carry with you as a protective kit. Though the tape is not enough to cure large holes, if you know the tricks of how to fix a hole in an air mattress with duct tape,  you can cure small holes and tiny cracks with duct tape. You can create strong protection using the tape in a tricky way.

Find The Leakage

You need to find the holes before you start to cure them with the tape. Sometimes the holes are visible or sometimes these are so tiny that it is hard to find. Know the ways of finding a leakage.

1. Start From The Seams

Start From The Seams

Often the leaks in an air mattress are in the seam stitch. So you should go through the seam stitches to find if any leak exists there. Search on the sides of the air mattress too. If you don’t find any leakage in the seam area, try the next option.

2. Follow The Hissing Sound

When there are leakages, the air will obviously come out from the mattress and there will be hissing sounds. Keep your ears closer to it and try to follow the sound to find out the holes. There can be one or more holes you never know. So if there are more leakages, find them all. 

Try to feel the air with your hand. Run your palms through the entire mattress and feel if any air is coming out or not. If you fail to find out in this way, try the next option.

3. Inspect With Air Bubbles

Inspect With Air Bubbles

This is the most effective option to find the holes. To accomplish this trick. Make a mixture of water and a mild dish liquid. Mix them properly and apply the mixture over the entire mattress using a soft sponge. You can also put the mixture in a spray bottle and spray it all over the mattress. 

Now inspect properly. You will find bubbles coming out from the leakages. So where there are bubbles, there are holes. This way you can find the holes easily.

Mark The Holes

Mark The Holes To Fix A Hole In An Air Mattress With Duct Tape

You need to mark the holes using a permanent marker. If you do not mark them, you will not find them after deflation and you may need to start the procedure once again. Mark the leakages with a permanent marker that will not fade or vanish. 

Wipe Off The Residues

Once you have marked the holes with a permanent marker, now it is time to wipe off any soapy residues. Let it dry completely before attaching any adhesive product. 

Deflate The Mattress

Deflate The Mattress To Fix A Hole In An Air Mattress With Duct Tape

Dry it fully and then deflate it. Don’t pressurize or start jumping on your air mattress. This will make the situation worse. Give it the proper time to deflate automatically. Once it is deflated completely, you can start the next step.

Sand The Surroundings Of The Holes

Sand The Surroundings Of The Holes

Sometimes there are flocks or rubber components around the holes where no adhesive glue works. So if you have a hole in your air mattress in such a position, you must send the surrounding holes so that you can attach the tape there.

Apply The Adhesive Glue

Apply The Adhesive Glue

Before applying this to the holes, you should put adhesive glue on the holes. If the glue is set properly, the holes will be strongly cured. Apply the glue nicely to the holes and let it dry. Don’t move it until the glue is properly dried.

Apply The Duct Tape

Apply The Duct Tape To Fix A Hole In An Air Mattress With Duct Tape

You need to cut the tape according to the hole size using a scissor. Then apply it to the holes. After that, cut another piece and seal the surroundings of the first tape. Set with your tips and make sure that there are no bubbles inside the tape. Set it perfectly.

Inflate And Check Properly

Inflate And Check Properly

Once you are done setting the duct tape, inflate your mattress again and inspect if the leakage is perfectly cured. You can notice the difference if there are more leaks. Wait for an hour and then have a look at your mattress. 

Check it properly and be sure that there are no leakages anymore.

Is Duct A Permanent Solution?

Is Duct A Permanent Solution?

No, it is not. It can only provide you with primary support. But for a lengthy permanent solution, you need to cure the holes with patch kits. Duct tape is an average adhesive element. With glues, it can create strong protection but only for small holes. But in large holes, the tape is not suitable enough.


Duct tape can make your sleep comfortable when your air mattress suddenly becomes deflated. It can really disappoint you when you feel your mattress deflated at midnight. So you can carry the tape with you to avoid uncomfortable sleep and neck pains.

These should be handled with care. Vacuum the place before you put the mattress. Store it in a convenient place when you don’t require it.

Hope you have enjoyed this article which is about how to fix a hole in an air mattress with duct tape. Let us know your opinion through your comments. Don’t forget to comment below. Enjoy your day!

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