How To Hang Curtains On A Concrete Wall

How To Hang Curtains On A Concrete Wall

There are many types of wall hangings that can be used to create unique style decor in your home. Curtains are one of the most common window treatments we can choose from but choosing the best curtains type and hanging method can sometimes be difficult. You can choose different options and methods depending on what kind of material you want to use for your screen. Keep reading to know everything and see how to hang curtains on a concrete wall.

There are many things that we want to hang on our walls but some of those items can only be fixed if they are hung from a solid structure, such as a hard piece of wood or metal. However, sometimes the best solution may be to hang things directly on a piece of concrete. This type of construction is often used to form the floor of a garage or basement area. Below we’ve collected two methods to help you hang curtains of your choice on anything from concrete walls.

Why Hang Curtains On A Concrete Wall?

Why Hang Curtains On A Concrete Wall?

Screen rods should never attach directly to the wall. To designed to hold the fabric securely, but it can also damage the drywall. Instead, mount the rods on a stud. This way, you can install screen rod hardware without damaging any walls.

Make Sure You Have The Right Tools

The first step in hanging a curtain on a concrete wall is to make sure you have the right tools in hand. You need a stud finder tool, a pencil, and a chalk line to measure your measurements accurately. A stud finder lets you detect any metal framing on your walls. This is especially helpful if you want to place screen rods on concrete walls. With a pencil, you can mark the exact place where you plan to hang your screen. Finally, using a chalk line helps to ensure a straight line from floor to ceiling.

For this project, you will need a drill bit, tape measure, pencil, some nails, screen rod, pliers, hammer, drill machine, command hook, gloves, goggles, screws, and a small paintbrush. If you plan to use a stapler or nail gun, you may want to bring those tools with you.


With Drilling

With Drilling To Hang Curtains On A Concrete Wall

Today you learn a simple method for those who want to hang curtain rods through the walls of their home. This strategy may not be great for everyone. However, it has become very popular with many people as per the need. If you live in Texas or Florida, you can use this strategy. Hope to get very good results soon.

 Step -1

The Wall Is Clean

The Wall Is Clean To Hang Curtains On A Concrete Wall

Before painting the room, remove any existing wallpaper and dust off the surface of the walls. Use a scrub brush or sponge to clean the areas where the wallpaper was used. To prevent damage to the paint finish, use a soft cloth instead of a stiff brush. Avoid using abrasive cleaners

Step -2

Measure The Length Of The Curtains

Measure The Length Of The Curtains

In addition to the length, you also need to consider the width of your curtains to determine if they fit properly inside a window or door opening. If you think they will be too heavy, you can use smaller-width curtains. Or, you may choose to choose a wider screen to go through more light. Note that you can always adjust the screen position later.

Just make sure the opening part is big enough so you can pull the curtains all the way. Next, you also need to check if there are any gaps or gaps at the top of the curtains. By doing this, you can avoid potential damage to your screen rod.

Step -3

Cut The Curtains Rod

The first thing you need to do before hanging any curtains is to measure where they should be hung. Make sure you are hanging the screen at eye level, and the ceiling height is correct. Use a straight edge to mark the measurement. Measure the width of the screen rod from top to bottom and add 1/8 inch to the thickness of the rod. Then cut along this line using a sharp craft knife.

Step -4

Drill Holes In The Wall

Drill Holes In The Wall

You will need at least 2 small holes for hanging hooks and a large hole for installing screen rods. To drill holes, you need a drill bit at least 1/8 inch smaller than the diameter of your rod. Measure the distances between the wall studs and mark the focal points of those distances on the wallboard. Next, measure and mark a third point between the first two points.

Make sure you don’t overlap the marks too much as this can cause the nail to hit the stud. Use a pencil to trace around the marks. Then cut out the shape of the marked area using a handheld round saw. Once you have drilled into the studs with the drywall, fill the hole with spatulas. This is a temporary solution while you wait for the paint to dry and the plaster to harden.

 Step -5

Install The Hook

Install The Hook To Hang Curtains On A Concrete Wall

Use a drywall anchor to attach a decorative ring or button to the end of the rod. Use these decorative accessories to create unique designs. Install the hook perfectly to hang curtains on a concrete wall.

 Step -6

Hanging Curtain

Hanging Curtain

When hanging curtains on concrete walls, be sure to use curtain rods from the ceiling level. This will ensure that they do not fall down due to the weight of the fabric.

When installing screen rods, you want to try to make sure. They are kept at least 18 inches apart. This will help distribute the load to prevent the possibility of rod snapping. To keep away moisture and dirt, you can cover the ends with plastic wrap.


Without Drilling

Now I’m going to show you a simple method. Many homeowners use curtain rods without holes in their walls. This technique works great if your ceiling is 8 feet long. I would recommend this technique only if you live where the weather is cold and humid. If you live in Texas or Florida, this strategy may not work for you. Apart from drilling, you can easily learn how to hang curtains on a concrete wall by yourself.

Try Magnetic Rods On Metal Doors 

Try Magnetic Rods On Metal Doors

Using magnets to hang window treatments on walls is a great idea. These are not only affordable but they also allow you to create some attractive designs that are suitable for any home. There are different types of magnets from cheap plastic to expensive ceramic magnets. It will help you decide which type of magnet will work best for you.

Once you have chosen the right type of magnet for your needs, you can hang them using the appropriate hardware. When you’re done, the result will look amazing. You won’t believe how easy it was.

Magnetic rods are simple. But an effective method of hanging curtains and other window treatments on concrete walls. All you need to get started is a piece of steel rod and some magnets. To install, place the pole end of the rod about 1 inch apart between the two magnets. Then, slip the screen over the rod. Finally, bring the magnets back to their original position so that they repel each other. This prevents the rod from falling.

Use The Temporary Command Hook 

Use The Temporary Command Hook

A command hook is basically a metal arm. It is attached to a pole and hangs on a window frame. When you want to hang something, you pull on the hook, causing the end of the pole to rotate around the frame until the hook is in place. Once the hook is secured, you can push the pole back and take care to hang the gravity item.

Hang The Screen With The Tension Rod

Hang The Screen With The Tension Rod

Use the same method to attach the screen rod to the wall. Make sure the screen rods are parallel to each other. Place the screen hooks between the two rods. You can check if they are evenly spaced by looking in the middle of the screen. To achieve this, mark the center of the screen with a pencil. When the center falls right in the middle, the screen is too center.

Concrete walls are suitable for hanging curtains because they provide good support. However, if you do not want to cover the entire wall with curtain rods and rings, you must first hang a grid of 2 2s on the wall. Fasten the studs together using galvanized bolts and lag screws and then attach them to the wall. Then install the screen rod using the wall anchor.

Order A Custom Compression Shed 

There are many types of shades offered by manufacturers. These range from small storage sheds to large garages. A common misconception is that the more expensive the shed, the better the quality. It’s a lie; Some cheaper shades will last longer and perform better than larger models. So before buying, think carefully about what size you want and determine if you really need a specific model.

A custom-made shade is a perfect choice for someone who wants something unique and customized. A custom shed lets you choose everything from sizes to materials. You can even add windows and doors to give the illusion of space inside.

Create A Wrong Roman Shade

The size of the Roman shed should be determined by the length of the window opening rather than the dimensions of the actual shed. A Roman shed usually hangs from the ceiling to the floor with a small diameter rod in the center.

When measuring, consider the width of the window seal and the Roman shades. It usually extends beyond the top of the seal. This means that the measurement is from the bottom of the seal. The shadow that meets the roof is equal to the height of the window and half the length of the shadow.

When hanging Roman shades, place the supporting brackets close to the ceiling. But below the level of the window frame. Attach the bracket using a screw driven through the perforated hole in the side edge of the bracket. Make sure the holes are placed near the edge of the bracket. Otherwise, they may interfere with the shed material as it runs across the brackets.

Alternatively, to securely hang a Roman shed, screw two 2 x 4s perpendicular to each end of the rods under the shade. 2 x 4s should be placed directly under the brackets used for mounting the shaded panel. Then add another 2×4 to the shed where the cross piece is attached to the shed rod. This 3rd 2×4 position screw prevents shadows from swaying in the wind. Finally, attach the hook to the bottom end of the shadow and tie the shadow to the wall.

Buy Twist And Fit Curtain Rods


Rolled metal rods are the easiest way to hang curtains in modern windows. This type of screen rod is very easy to use but requires proper installation techniques. Such rods should never place directly against a window framing member. This can damage the rod or even the window frame. The best location would be near the ceiling of the room.

The point at which the rod is attached to the wall needs to be well above the nail head and floor. Placing the rod too close to the wall can cause unwanted noise and vibration. To properly install the rod, first drill two holes in the drywall. Then insert the screws through the perforated hole until they meet the end of the rod. Next, attach the top of the rod to the hole using screws. Finally, add the bottom of the rod to the second hole.


Such rods will require special equipment to work properly. First, use a power drill to make a pilot hole in the center of the existing nail head. Then, use a hammer to tap in place of a square pole. Next, use a mallet to pound the peg down to keep the rod safe. Once finished, fill in any gaps between the rod and the wall with silicone coils.

Suspend The Curtain And Ceiling Rods 

Curtain Rods 

There are many types of wall hanging solutions like wood, metal, plastic, etc. They are designed not only for indoor use but also for outdoor use. Although suspended screen rods are usually installed indoors, they can also be used outside. To Design to fit on a window frame. Most of the time you will see people installing them in large windows where their height has reached about 30 feet.

Ceiling Rods

With the suspension ceiling rod, you will not need any additional support other than the ceiling. This means that you will save both space and time when installing screen rods. This style of installation is quite popular nowadays. Because it does not take up too much space and the screen rod is quite easy to hang. Attach to the ceiling using steel brackets.

Final Words

Hang a simple curtain rod from the ceiling to hang your curtains. It’s an easy task but that’s usually what happens – they look awful after hanging many times. I have used a metal pole over the years and hung my drapes without any problems. There are hooks on both ends of your screen rod. You can add some decorative trim along the edges if you want.

In this article, we have discussed different types of materials, their advantages and disadvantages, and much more. There must be enough information here to allow you to choose the perfect type of material. We hope that after reading this article you will understand for yourself how to hang curtains on a concrete wall.

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