How to clean delonghi espresso machine

How To Clean Delonghi Espresso Machine

If You’re a coffee-lover, I’m sure You have Your espresso machine at home. You love to see Your favorite coffee maker from time to time, but then, after a few years of using it, maintenance is required. Coffee stains And residue will form inside Your device. Don’t worry because there are easy ways. In this paragraph, I will show You how to clean Delonghi espresso machine.

This is a very simple process And needs to be done regularly so Your espresso machine works optimally. If You use Your Delonghi espresso every day, You can clean it 3-4 times a week. If You occasionally make espresso, You should clean Your machine after about 5 coffee shots. Delonghi is a brand of espresso that is exceptional in terms of durability And quality.

These devices come with quality features to allow You to use them for a long time without any problems. Brewing espresso is an involved process, usually involving several steps And a long wait between them. Espresso makes it easy to create perfect shots regardless of Your skill level.

If You do not regularly clean And Maintain Your espresso machine, You will end up with super coffee due to build-up on Your machine. Espresso in general is fairly easy to clean And there are several models. You can use cleaning tablets. These tablets are specifically designed for boiler cleaning.

When Do You Need To Descale?

Most Delonghi pump espresso machines need to be discarded to create The limescale that occurs when using hard water. The Delonghi automatic espresso machine automatically takes care of most cleaning for You. But requires some user intervention. The cleaning cycle will start when The machine starts And You close The water tank’s lid.

To disk a Delonghi Magnifica machine, You first need to press The ‘Coffee’ And ‘1 cup’ buttons together for a few seconds. The display will then change to ‘warning desk’. Next, You need to turn off The machine. fill The tank with a mixture of The disking solution And The water, as well as add a single disking tablet.

Then restart The machine, wait for The display to stop, And turn it off again. Then wash The waste bin, refill The water tank with just, And repeat The process. It gets a warning to ‘fill up with.  All mechanical parts of Your coffees are made of steel, And they will wear out (rust) over time.

To keep Your coffee machine in good condition And at its full potential. You need to shorten Your machine before The water hardness becomes too severe. The harder in Your area, The more important it is to reduce it. Delonghi recommends that You use it every 6-8 weeks for soft water areas And 4-6 weeks for hard water areas. 

File The Water Tank For Using Vinegar And Water 

Why it works: If Your espresso machine has a bad taste Or odor, it’s probably because of mineral deposits. In general, whether You use tap Or mineral water, all types of water contain ingredients that can affect The taste And function of Your brewer over time.

Hard water can freeze by filling in The gaps between them, creating dirt And being an inefficient heating element. Some areas of softness do not cause too much trouble except for The metallic taste in our coffee And espresso. Let’s find out how we can solve those problems. 

  1. Collect vinegar Or citric acid cleansing tablets
  2. First wash The water tank with warm soapy water
  3. Run a few times to remove all The soap
  4. Fill half The tank with white vinegar
  5. Make coffee until all The ingredients are out.

It’s no secret that coffee machines And kettles are home to bacteria, minerals, And grease. And while there is a simple solution to how to clean Delonghi espresso machine, regular cleaning will prevent this build-up. It can also affect The taste of Your espresso when You make it, ruining Your morning pick-me-up completely.

Keep reading how to clean Delonghi espresso machine.

Turn On And Wait For It To Heat

If You have a Delonghi automatic espresso machine, You must fill The reservoir with water. Put some coffee in The basket, press a button, And then does all The work. You can make espresso, cappuccino, Or latte – it’s even programmable so You can prepare Your perfect cup of coffee. Always unplug Your machine before cleaning And let it cool completely for safety reasons.

Add Vinegar Into The Water Tank

Add Vinegar Into The Water Tank

Method 1

Add two Or three tablespoons of white vinegar to The water pot. Fill with fresh water up to The maximum mark. Turn on The power, run a warm-up cycle, And wait a few seconds for The pump to start working. Stop The process before The reaches full pressure. When The light goes out, restart The machine to reheat these ingredients And continue for about 30 seconds. Do not mix beans with wet grinds. Dump out of The drag drawer And repeat until You see no more grinds in The drip tray.

Method 2

Place a cup under The filter And then run The machine. If a cup is not placed, The machine will not start. This allows any residual to be completely removed from The system before running with water again. Since espresso mixes this with coffee grounds. It is not recommended to use chemical discoloration Or detergents. These can contaminate Your coffee And ruin The taste. Use vinegar to clean Your machine, as it acts as a natural discoloration.

Run A Cleaning Cycle

Method 1

Make sure The Espresso Maker is turned off And unplugged. Use water And a little washing-up liquid to clean The frying pan And jug, fill The base with water And turn on The machine to run it. Drain The water. Fill The reservoir with equal parts white vinegar And wash. It goes around The inside, running through all The ingredients including The steam arm until it is complete.

Then let it stand for half an hour. Ride two cleaning cycles And then do several reps: Pour about two cups of plain water into The reservoir, press The power button, let The machine run until You hear a click, And stop – 30-second cycle completed – do this three times, each Drain And flush after The cycle.

Method 2

We recommend using The Cleaning Cycle And Delonghi descaling solution to ensure Your espresso maker. Maintain top operating performance for it, especially if You frequently use high mineral water. To run a clean cycle, add to The bottom of The machine. Then insert The blind filter holder into Your machine so that The coffee does not enter The ground. Add about 3 tablespoons.

Delonghi Descaling solution in The big tank of Your machine. Press both Clean buttons on it. The water will start to heat up. When The two lights between Clean A and Clean B go out, remove The filter holder And wash it. Put it back into The machine. Press both CLEAN buttons again to start a second cycle to thoroughly clean The interior. Pour The remaining water into The collection tray And rinse thoroughly, then dry with a soft cloth. 

Keep reading this article to know more about how to clean Delonghi espresso machine.

Let The Machine The As Usual

Performing a clean cycle is essential for The maintenance of Your espresso machine. This will not only help maintain its cleanliness but also extend its life. We recommend using The Delonghi descaling solution to optimize The results. 

  1. Turn off The machine.
  1. Turn The steam selector to 0 and make sure The steam is gone, then move The drip tray And drip tray grid.
  2. Carefully remove The brew unit by pressing on The brew unit locks And turning clockwise to unlock it.
  3. Remove used coffee grounds from The water tank And refill with water.
  4. Replace The brewing head with a descaling solution attached as shown in The milk hose.
  5. Replace The brew unit with its new lock (green).
  6. Press The long coffee button for 5 seconds, then press 2 cups once. It will start heating.
  7. Once finished, press off / standby mode Or unplug from The wall outlet.
  8. Rinse The milk circuit with warm water, making sure that You wash all The parts well so that milk residue And limescale are formed in that area.
  9. Repeat The cleaning cycle using water only a second time, wait until it is complete without interrupting it again!
  10. The machine is now ready for use

Run Another Cleaning Cycle 

Now You will see how to clean Delonghi espresso machine. Basic cleaning will keep Your espresso machine running smoothly. But You should run The cleaner through Your roughly every three to six months. Over time, mineral scales can form in boilers And piping, which can affect The taste of Your espresso.

Running a clean solution through The machine will remove this buildup. Also, The indicator light should be illuminated green. The indicator light will start to flash red, indicating that The machine is priming And cleaning itself.

When The tank is empty The indicator light will stop flashing. Open And remove The drip tray. Thoroughly clean with a damp sponge. It is with a clean cloth before putting it back on The cloth And machine.

Mixture Of Distilled White Vinegar

Mixture Of Distilled White Vinegar

This mixture of diluted white vinegar And water will take care of Your drip trays in no time. After dumping The old grounds And removing The tray, fill this solution. Let The machine sit for a few hours Or overnight, turning off The switch. Most machines will require a mixture of distilled white vinegar. but make sure before You start.

The reservoir is full. You may want to use a mixture of distilled white vinegar And water (mix 50/50). Wait for 30 minutes And repeat The process two Or three times, using clean to wash each time. The water tank should be rinsed with clean water before using The coffee maker.

We recommend cleaning The machine every three months. Alternatively, You can choose to clean Your things after preparing with a 500 or 750 cups cleaning function. Cleaning at The right time And regularly ensures a high level of hygiene And excellent espresso coffee. 

Switching On The Flushing Program

You should start Your flushing program after each use of Your Delonghi machine. This heat exchange boiler espresso machine will automatically flush itself with hot water And steam. If You do not, there is a risk that The coffee grounds in The portafilter may burn at The head of The group. Or dry out around The group ring where they may stick to it.

To perform The coffee flushing procedure, You will need a container to collect 1 liter of water. Place a 200ml water container under The steam nozzle And turn on The steam function for about 5 seconds. Turn off The steam And fill it with 1 liter of fresh things. At The same time, immediately press And hold The coffee button for 3 seconds, until The red indicator above The group flashes And burns faster.

The machine will start releasing into The collection container. If You do not use Your machine frequently, remove stale coffee residue And prevent water from accumulating on The scale of The tank. 


This is an expensive espresso machine, And because of this, You may want to avoid repairing it if it is defective. The biggest way to do this is to keep it clean. At The end of each day, take some time to clean Your machine with water, vinegar, And compressed air. This will help it to release minerals from hard water And ensure that it stays in good condition for a long time. 

Clean The brewing unit – remove The portafilter handle And rinse under warm running water. Use a fine brush Or pipe cleaner, known as a shank, to remove The coffee ground And oil that has accumulated from The inside of The spout. You need to clean Your espresso maker once a month for optimal performance. But there may be times when You need to disable it before The recommended 30 days have elapsed.

This can happen if You use very hard water in Your espresso machine or You use it more than once a day. Each time You flush Your coffee machine, it uses about two cups throughout its cycle. Thoroughly clean The with baking soda solution. Fill The water tank with clean water, add baking soda to neutralize The scale And vinegar residue then make.

Empty The water tank And refill it with a pure coffee cleaning solution. Make The solution through The coffee maker following The instructions on The solution label. With The help of The tips mentioned above, You You have come to understand how to clean Delonghi espresso machine. All these processes are essential. Do not leave any as it may adversely.

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