How To Arrange Furniture In An Awkward Living Room

How To Arrange Furniture In An Awkward Living Room

You are wondering how to arrange furniture in an awkward living room. If You have an awkwardly sized living room, this can make The process more complicated. An awkward living room is The worst. But You must know how to organize The furniture. If You want to use The space to its full potential instead of keeping Your tenants off for another month.

Decorating furniture in an awkward room is not easy for a homeowner or interior decorator. You may have an awkward place. Because it is a triangular-shaped house, very narrow or long And narrow.

Some homeowners ignore their room’s strange shape And cover it with storage units instead. Adopting this method would be a huge mistake as it takes away from The overall aesthetics of The place.

Consider The Structure Of The Room

If Your living room looks awkwardly built or has a few weird nooks or ends. It’s about understanding The three basic rules: First, draw a complete floor plan of The space And identify The main points of access. Second, make sure that any traffic flow is clean And uninterrupted. Finally, decorate with pieces that have multiple functions or dual purposes.

Without making The room feel bigger And more welcoming, it seems that You have lost control over Your passion for interior design. Apply The right amount of symmetry to make sure Your window And door views don’t look dull or unbalanced.

The main thing is arranging furniture in an awkward living room is not to try to make it. It looks symmetrical, keeps things simple And balanced, And symmetry looks annoying anyway. Avoid placing The sofa directly under a beam to create dark shadows.

Another way to make a small room look bigger is to fill every corner with accessories such as a lamp, a potted plant, or even a favorite chair. Use all three walls with two pieces of furniture opposite The two parallel walls. The third wall will be left blank which makes it look much bigger than it really is.

Measure Your Furniture

Measure Your Furniture In An Awkward Living Room

First, measure Your furniture. Much better means people will recommend sorting out Your furniture once in a while. But it is also a major place where family members gather. So a living room needs to be comfortable, cozy, and attractive.

Measure it before looking at The furnishings. That way, You can better determine which pieces You need to do the job. I always wonder how people can go shopping without first visiting The place. This is a huge mistake because so many variables are involved to find out what works for Your space. The only way to do that is to measure it first.

Use The Walls To Define Seating Areas 

Ideas for arranging furniture for The layout of The living room depending on The purpose of The room. Place Your couch in such a way that it splits The room into different seating areas – one for chatting with friends, And another for watching television. Arrange The sofa set right in The middle to divide The design of an awkward room into more than two parts. Use a chair or ottoman to mark Your new area.

Another great way to decorate furnishings is to use walls And define areas with chairs, ottomans, And benches. These arrangements still offer more intimate space while feeling open. Balance them with a rectangular coffee table. This arrangement is especially suitable for a living room where access to The open kitchen is also through a narrow corridor.

Establish A Focal Point

Due to The long ceiling And open space of an awkward living room where arranging equipment is a challenge. It is important to create a focal point for The room. Because there is not enough wall space in The area to add pictures or artwork. If You want to decorate furniture in an awkward room, consider arranging a fireplace and TV as Your focal point.

A focal point creates balance And acts as a center of attention. It could be a sofa or a piece of equipment as a large painting on The wall. Basically, You want to create a comfortable space while keeping The whole room open. Whether Your entrance is a short one or You have a staircase that goes nowhere, there is plenty to do.

Use Two Small Sofas To Break Up The Space 

Use Two Small Sofas To Break Up The Space 

Imagine Your room is an awkward 19×20 feet rectangle. This arrangement works well with most living room furniture. For example, a cocktail table in The middle of The long wall, a sofa opposite The adjacent small wall, And two armchairs on The third (opposite) wall. Start by using two small sofas instead of one big sofa And learn how to arrange furniture in an awkward living room.

The layout will change The shape of The space And create more areas for other equipment. Use this technique in an uncomfortable corner or place. Where a wall obstructs The flow of furniture.

Two small sofas of different heights arranged in diagonal corners help to fill a large, awkward space And provide extra seating for guests. The arrangement also creates several comfortable conversation spaces in The room as people can get together with only a few feet between them.

In most cases, there is a way to quickly arrange The furniture without affecting The look of The whole room. This is where furniture sorting tools like comfortable sofas can help. In an angular room, arrange two small pieces of equipment in The front corner. For example, place a couch in each corner, or a sofa And two chairs.

If You use a sofa, make sure it is large enough to serve as a focal point for The arrangement. Do not keep anything else except accessories; This will prevent it from looking chaotic And unbalanced.

Use A Few Small Chairs In Lieu Of A Sofa

Use A Few Small Chairs In Lieu Of A Sofa

When arranging furniture, first measure The space available to determine how much You can spread out to create a cozy room. Then, take a closer look at Your home And imagine what kind of furniture would look best there. Do You have a high ceiling? Are there any unusual architectural features that will lend themselves to certain types of pieces?

If You have narrow walkways or halls, avoid placing large pieces of equipment along with them; Instead, keep them out of The way so that people can strategize easily. Also, pay attention to where people move around The house And where they can walk to get space.

Just think many people other than yourself will use The Space with You – You probably live with a roommate or two or even five or six. So it’s important to arrange The furniture in a way that accommodates many different uses.

Use An Ottoman To Separate Spaces 

If You have an unusual reaction in The living room, find a place where You can freely enter The seating arrangement. Of course, You can use a sofa table or chairside table to set The seating area. But this option does not work normally. An Ottoman is used as a divider. They can serve many purposes And take up no floor space.

Although this arrangement could serve as a student dormitory for Taylor Swift, in her youth, she believed it was scattered And awkward. Instead of using a table or armor as a buffer between Your overstuffed chair and Your sorority, the part of Your stay with infinite support. Add The address to Your house name inspiration. Now You can’t be in any obstacle.

Put A Console Table Behind Your Couch

Put A Console Table Behind Your Couch

First, go back and understand how The house is shaped. This will help You determine which parts are best for The space. From there, narrow down The furniture options based on features like aesthetics, function And storage, And durability. If You decide to use a console table behind Your couch or sofa, keep in mind that You still need open access to Your living space.

Depending on Your living space And The size of The traffic flow. You may want to consider moving a portion of The wall to separate The kitchen And living room. This will improve both access to these places And visibility between them.

Use Rugs To Define Spaces 

Use Rugs To Define Spaces 

A good starting point is to reduce The number of pieces of furniture in The room; Smaller rooms require less upholstery. The best arrangement for Your space After creating a floor plan, arrange The furniture to make sure there is no intermediate area.

The main purpose is to create balance. Arrange The furniture in The center. A conversation can be enclosed by a small chair to help define The area. Angered with The complementary colors of The color palette of The house, as You sort The furniture when carting, follow The rules of The third part, a patty-third touch part And The third part leaves space for walking And item two. Location of window or perimeter of The house Consider lighting fixtures, lamps, or pictures when deciding on The placement of carpet And light furniture.

Use Small Furniture For Small Spaces 

Use Small Furniture For Small Spaces

When do You have very little space to work with? Try to arrange small pieces around them instead. For example, an Ottoman can accommodate extra seating without taking up too much space. You can use low tables And coffee tables to balance The long furniture to create a comfortable seating area.

This article addresses The issue of how to arrange furniture in an awkward living room layout of less than 200 square feet. One of The major advantages of using small pieces of furniture in this situation is The ability to place large quantities of furniture items. It is not available. For example, a small sofa centered on an open floor plan can be moved directly opposite an exterior wall. Thus minimizing wasted space And maximizing The appearance of The space through The effective use of small furniture.

Get Creative With Storage

The design possibilities are easy to overlook when You look at The three walls And The huge expanse of open space. Before You begin, pick up any items that don’t belong And put them away, then survey The space. Try to look at The room as if You were seeing it for The first time. So that Your eyes can rest on The blank canvas. But don’t forget to stack The same things together. A group of black tables will look better than a black table next to two wooden end tables. It will match The black table.

Still, there are a number of rooms with awkward spaces like narrow, L-shaped living rooms or small living rooms where there is no concept of storage space or furniture. With some creative thinking And careful planning, You can make Your room functional furniture.

Pull Pieces Away From The Walls 

When You have such a strangely shaped house – deep, with a large bay window. But no other place of entertainment – it is difficult to arrange The ideal furniture. In this example, The solution (And in most cases) involves moving The items out of their normal position.

In this case, it means pushing The wide sofa to The left And pushing all The chairs closer together to create a home-like arrangement around The flat-screen TV. Even if it means removing some of The other pieces completely. The result may not seem perfect – And it’s more like an oasis than a formal living room.  But that’s what makes it so attractive And easy to live in.

Justin McClelland Illustration Story by Evan Phillips Even if You can picture a good living room in Your mind. Your actual room can present some spatial challenges. That layout might have worked better when there were fewer objects in The room. But now You have to work with half The space. Start by deciding what furniture to have in The house And how it will work.

Create An Intimate Seating Group 

Create An Intimate Seating Group In An Awkward Living Room

When The living room has strange shapes or needs to accommodate extra furniture like a sectional sofa. It can be difficult to arrange all The furniture so that they work together. Start by evaluating The traffic flow through The room And find out where You want to gather The guests. Then adjust Your seating group accordingly, as well as make sure it fits in The space. After knowing how to arrange furniture in an awkward living room, You can try.

The Final Thought

We hope this guide can inspire something that works for You And Your awkward living room. After all, there’s nothing wrong with arranging furniture for comfort And relaxation. So don’t be afraid to blend in Your style as well as creative touches. Sometimes a weird layout can add a space charm!

No matter what type of furniture You have in Your living room, remember that we all want more space And freedom. Arranging furniture in an awkward room is an easy way to achieve this!

Finally, how to arrange furniture in an awkward living room is arranged interestingly. When You choose furniture to go with Your home, arrange it in a way that matches Your home environment. Make You feel better while You are there. Make sure everything fits nicely And has space to occupy.

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