What Size Rug For Bedroom Queen Bed

What Size Rug For Bedroom Queen Bed

Area rugs enhance the beauty of the room. It helps to make the room look bigger. But you have to know the measurements. If your bedroom has a queen bed, then you should learn what size rug for bedroom queen bed you will need.

The beds come in different types and the frame sizes are different from one another. The type of bed, mattress size, and type, mattress material, frame, and headboard size are important things by which you know how much area you need for your in-room. 

Area rugs come in a lot of shapes and textures. There are many types of area rugs. So they can be expensive too. You can’t waste your money without knowing the actual you need.

 If you buy a larger one for a small room, it will be of no use to you. Again if you buy a smaller rug than the room size. It will make the outlook worse and your money will waste as well.

So you must know what size rug for bedroom queen bed you need according to the type of your queen bed and the room. 

There are some considering factors that you should keep in mind while buying an area for your bedroom bed. 

Things That You Need To Consider

Before you buy an area, you should have knowledge and information about some considering factors. You should know the room, layout of the room, type of bed, type of placement, number of nightstands, and other things.     

Room Size For Bedroom

Room Size For Bedroom Queen Bed

The room size is an important thing that needs to be considered to know what size rug for bedroom queen bed you need. 

You have to buy the area according to the room size. If the room is small, then you can’t buy large-sized area rugs.

Depending on the room size and how much bare space is left in the room. You should buy the area. You can measure the room with a measuring tape. A room with a bed should be at least 10 feet by 10. So you can buy an according to the dimensions of the room.     

Layout Of The Room For Bedroom

Layout Of The Room For Bedroom Queen Bed

The layout of the bedroom is definitely a consideration. You have to keep in mind how the furniture is decorated throughout the room including the bed. 

The layout will make it easy to plan what size rug for bedroom queen bed you need. After observing the layout, plan the layout with an area things. Then you can measure the of you need.    

Plan the of it which will create a peaceful outlook. If the room size is very small, you can place runners too. 

Type Of The

There are many types of queen beds. You can see that standard-sized beds and nonstandard queen beds. According to the type of bed, their length and width are also different from one another.  

Standard-size are 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. There are many types of nonstandard beds. There are California beds, Olympic and Split beds which are nonstandard queens. 

Nonstandard is different from standard beds. California is 60 inches wide and 84 inches long which means California is 4 inches longer than standard beds. 

On the other hand, Olympic is 66 inches wide and 80 inches long which means Olympic queen beds are 6 inches wider than standard beds. This is the expanded. Split is the same size as the standard but they are different in pattern. 

As an area rug is generally placed underneath. So the length and width of the bed are important. So you have to keep in mind which type of you have in your room. The size of the area item should be larger than it.        

Number Of Nightstands

Number Of Nightstands

Sometimes the top is placed under the nightstands. Sometimes the top can keep without a nightstand.

If the rug size is small, then you can’t place the nightstand on top of it. Again if your item is large, then you can place one or two nightstands on top of it. The number of nightstands can be a consideration when choosing a perfect-sized area for a room.   

If the room is small and you have two nightstands, then you can remove one of them before placing the area. Otherwise, the room can look visually overwhelming.     

Many people keep a gap between the top of the area item and the nightstand instead of keeping the nightstand on the top edge of the area rug.  

Placement Of Area

It is very important to plan how you want to place the area rug. The required depends on the placement of the area rug. 

An area rug can be placed in many ways. In some ways, you will need a more spacious while in some ways you can arrange a minimum-sized area with easy tricks.

You can layer one after one. The layering pattern needs more than one but looks beautiful if the color combination is perfect. You can keep cushions over the to make an attractive cozy outlook.

The area can be placed entirely underneath the item. But a few inches should be exposed on the three sides. If there is an ottoman at the footpoint,  then try to keep the ottoman on top of the rug. 

 To do that place the after a few inches of the bed like the quarter to expose extra size at the foot point. To know what size rug for bedroom queen bed is required, keep reading.    

Rug Sizes

The bedroom size should be at least 10 feet by 10. In master rooms, the size can be 10 feet by 12 or 10 by 14.

The bedroom size and decide the size you need.  Some are given below :

4 Feet By 6 Rugs

4 Feet By 6 Feet Rugs

If the rug is 4 feet by 6, then placing it under it will not be a perfect way. This is too small for queen beds. 

Rather you can place two of 4 feet by 6 together which will give you excellent coverage like 9 by 12 feet rugs.

But layering small won’t be a nice idea. You can layer 4 by 6 with a 9 by 12 feet rug if you want. But if you want to place one underneath,  then keep the top 4-5 inches underneath and the other part should be kept exposed.

5 Feet By 7 Rugs 

This rug covers the underneath of the bed. Standard needs this size of rug. 

5 by 7 feet can be placed 5-6 inches after the bed which is against the wall. A few inches should expose on the right, left, and front parts of the bed.  

A 5 by 7 feet without a nightstand looks perfect. So keep the gap between the top edge of the rug and the nightstand. The bare space will make the room look bigger than before.     

5 By 8 Feet Rugs

5 Feet By 8 Feet Rugs

If you have a standard or split-size bed, then 5 by 8 feet is perfect for your bed.

You can place it in a rectangular shape or in a square shape. The top will be underneath the bedside table too. You can change the pattern too. Place a few inches of the top underneath the bed and keep the remaining inches exposed.  

But some people like to keep a gap between the top and the nightstand even when they place a 5 by 8 feet rug in their bedroom.    

6 By 9 Feet Rugs

6 Feet By 9 Feet Rugs

If you have a California queen or an Olympic bed, then 6 feet by 9 it will be perfect. This rug is large enough to keep the landing point carpeted and comfortably warm on cozy winter mornings.

There will be 14 inches exposed on each side of the rug is 6 by 9 feet. If the bedroom is 10 feet by 12 or 10 by 14 in size, then 6 by 9 is perfect. You can keep the bedside table and the nightstand on top of the rug.       

7 By 10 Feet Rugs

 7 Feet By 10 Feet Rugs

The 7 feet by 10 rugs are for large bedrooms with beds. It will cover the entire area underneath the bed and in the exposed areas. You can place it underneath the bedside table, nightstand, and relaxing chair. 

To make a different look, you can place them at a slant angle. This angle will give the look a creative touch. When you have a large enough rug, then you can add some creativity to decorate it nicely and make the bedroom look beautiful.    

8 By 10 Feet Rugs

If you have a California queen item, then you need to place the 8 by 10 feet on the lower. 3 quarters of the bed so that a few inches of the is exposed at the footpoint like the right side and left side. 

If you have two nightstands in your bedroom along with the bed, then you can buy an 8 by 10 feet rug so that you can place it underneath the queen,  bedside table, and both of the nightstands. 

You will have 20-22 inches of exposure on the three sides and can land your feet on the rug after waking up which will make your start of the day refreshing.   

9 Feet By 12 Feet Rugs

You can place this rug underneath all the furniture in your bedroom, including of course.  

The entire bedroom floor space can be covered with 9 feet 12 rugs. While keeping a few inches bare between the edges and the walls. Some people also choose 10 by 12 feet rugs to cover the entire floor area. But that can look visually overwhelming. 

Choose the textures which give you an eye-soothing feel. To learn more about what size rug for bedroom queen bed needs, continue reading.    

Just focus on the color combination and layering pattern. You need to put the top of one rug over the edge of it. Keep the bold colors over the light colors to make the look aesthetic.  

Runner Size For Bedroom Queen

If the bedroom is small, you can place runners in front of the bed or at the side of the bed. You can layer runners with large-as ones well. 

The width of the runners should be 3-4 feet and the length is according to your need.12- 14 feet length is enough for runners. You can place sheepskins on the foot point or landing point to feel the coziness.

Round Rug Size For Beds

Round Rug Size For Queen Beds

The best size of round rugs for beds is 6 feet. But you can buy 4 rounds if the room is not so large.

Placing a round rug is easy. You can keep a few inches of the top of the round underneath the bed and the other part exposed outside the bed. If your bedroom is large, you can buy an 8 feet round rug.

Always keep the gap between the wall and keep the bare space to create a peaceful environment and enhanced look.       


The Rug size for a queen should be perfect otherwise the outlook of the layout of the room will be ugly. 

Area items enhance the beauty of the room through colors and coziness. It gives you a comfortable feel on a cold winter morning and keeps your feet warm.

Now that you know what size rug for bedroom queen bed is required, decorate your bedroom with the perfect rug. 

Let us know your opinion through comments. Have a good day!

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