How to Keep Outdoor Rug From Blowing Away

If you live in a windy area, it may happen several times that your carpet has blown away. So you must know how to keep outdoor rug from blowing away to avoid this problem.

Outdoor mats make the outlook of your patio or backyard mesmerizing. It creates a classy and bold vibe in the outdoor area. Carpets come in so many colors and shapes. You need to measure the size first and then buy your mat according to the measurements.

In a wine-prone area, it is a natural occurrence that your outside carpet can blow away with the wind. But that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your patio or backyard with mats. 

Indoor and outdoor mats are different. Outdoor carpets are sturdy. They are weatherproof and convenient for outside use. Just keep it secured and keep it from blowing away. We will show you the tricks here. 

You just need to know how to keep outdoor rug from blowing away. Know the tricks from this article and try them to secure your mat. 

Place Furniture

Place Furniture to Keep Outdoor Rug From Blowing Away

Furniture placement is the best way to keep the mat secured even in heavy wind. They are not too heavy to damage the mat and not too light that they will fall down in mild windy weather. Before placing the furniture, you need to follow some steps.

First of all, clean the area where you will place the rug. After that, measure the area and place it. After that, keep the furniture on the mat or the edge of the mat.

The benefit of placing furniture like a sofa or a devan is, it can be removed or re-arranged at any time and the furniture is not secured with any glue. So replacing them is easy as well. This keeps the rug damage free and long-lasting. To know more about how to keep outdoor rug from blowing away keep reading.

Use Caulk

Use Caulk to Keep Outdoor Rug From Blowing Away

This latex acrylic caulk is a great option to avoid blowing off your rug. To set the mat, clean the dirt and debris first. Now run a thin bead underside the mat and then attach the mat to the floor space. But one thing you must need to ensure is that it gets proper time to dry. Don’t allow any foot traffic two hours after applying the bead. Once it is dried and secured, then you can be relaxed so that your mat will not blow away.

Use Washers and Screws

Use Washers and Screws to Keep Outdoor Rug From Blowing Away

When you live in a wind-prone area and your rug often blows away, you must protect it strongly. Using washers and screws can be a strong option to secure the mat and save it in heavy wind. 

Clean the area and measure it. Cut the carpet in that measurement or buy a new mat in the required measurement. Then place it and mark the entire edge line with a non-permanent white marker. After that, Drill holes in the edges, and every two inches, there should be a small hole. After that, put the washers and tighten the screws perfectly. 

This way the mat will not blow away even if there is an extreme weather condition. But this can damage your rug slightly as you need to drill holes. Put the number of washers and screws according to the strength of the wind. 

One thing to keep in mind is that you should use washers and screws which are made of stainless steel and purely coated. Otherwise, it can rust and damage the outdoor carpet more.  

Try Potted Planters

Try Potted Planters

Potted planters are another great option to protect your outdoor rug. The advantage of a potted planter is that you can replace or re-arrange the place with them easily. You can keep plants of colorful flowers which will not only keep the mat in place but also enhance the beauty of the space. It will create a refreshingly green environment.

Don’t use too large potted plants. Place medium and small plants surrounding the mat or in a row on both sides. Potted plants look beautiful and there are chances to keep flower plants to increase their aesthetic beauty.

There are some precautions too when keeping a potted plant. As you are keeping too many potted plants, make sure no soil or chemical fertilizer spills on the rug. It can damage or create the chance of building up molds. So be careful while putting them.

Apply Double Sided Tapes

Apply Double Sided Tapes

Double-sided tapes can also be a perfect one. But before applying them you need to ensure that there is no dust or debris in the area or in the rug. Otherwise, the adhesiveness will be weakened. Clean the surface. Then measure the area. After that measure, the double-sided tape and cut it to the length that you need.

You need to start from the corner and place it in an ‘L’ shape first. Attach the tape to the surface first and then peel off the paper on the upper side. Press the carpet on the tape and let it set. This way runs the double-sided tape through the entire edges and crossing corners. Press and attach the carpet perfectly. Then there will be no bubbles inside and the outdoors will be completely ready with its decoration. 

Use Rug Pad With a Glue

Use Rug Pad With a Glue

When you have a concrete surface, it’s quite tough to keep a rug secured. First of all, clean the entire surface. There should be no trace of dust or debris. Apply the first layer of the glue and place the rug pad on the surface. The pad should be a little bit thicker. 

Let it dry for a while. Now it’s time to apply the second layer of the glue underneath the carpet and press the mat on the pad. Press nicely at the edges to secure strongly. Let it dry and avoid any foot traffic for the drying time. Then the rug is set and it will not go away even if the wind becomes violent.


Keeping an outdoor rug secured in a windy area is tough but not impossible. With simple tricks, you can keep it in place. In this article, we have shown how to keep outdoor rug from blowing away in many ways and the precautions too. Try the tricks and let us know about your experiences. Write to us and share your opinions. Don’t forget to comment below. Have a good day!

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