How To Hang Curtains On A Metal Door

How To Hang Curtains On A Metal Door

A few years ago I hung some curtains on my front door. They were white vinyl, so they look great. However, once they get wet from the rain or snow, they will start peeling off the walls. That was a problem. So I tried to hang curtains inside my room. It worked great until we had a big storm last winter. When the wind blows, the window frames vibrate and then the curtain rods become loose. Now my curtain is hanging from my metal door. So here I am telling you how to hang curtains on a metal door.

The first thing I did after making these screens was to buy some new screen rod hardware. After that, I went to the home depot and bought some rubber weather strips. I then cut four strips into small pieces and placed them along the bottom edge of the door frame. Finally, I painted a coat of primer on both sides of the door frame. Now I’m ready to hang some new screens!

Find The Right Hardware

To hang curtains on a metal door you will need some screws, brackets, hooks, and screen rings. The metal frame already has holes drilled in the frame where you can insert the screws. Additional drilling may be required for aluminum frames.

Depending on which ones are custom made or purchased off the shelf at your local home improvement store. A variety of screen rods are available, including metal, plastic, wood, and even fabric. Fabric makes a great option because it allows maximum sunlight through the windows, keeping the room warm and comfortable.

Measure The Door Frame

Measure The Door Frame To Hang Curtains On A Metal Door

Measurement of the width of the frame at the top and bottom of it. The width of the door frame using tape. Add 1/8 inch to this measurement for extra room between the screen rod and the edge of the door. This will give you 4 measurements including the height of the window. This will allow the fabric to stretch without damage.

You need to decide if you want to install the rod inside or outside the window frame. This step is necessary to decide where the top of the rod will be located. For example, if you plan to install the rod from the outside, you need to add 1/2 inch to the height of the window opening. Be sure to check the measurements before ordering the hardware.

Measure The Curtain Rod

Measure The Curtain Rod To Hang Curtains On A Metal Door

Measurement of the length of the rod from floor to window seal to hang curtains on a metal door. Be sure to measure in the center of the bracket. To save time, it is best to buy a premade rod from a hardware store. Before hanging the rods make sure they fit securely to the wall.

Cut The Curtain Rod

Cut The Curtain Rod To Hang Curtains On A Metal Door

Measure the width of your door frame from top to bottom. Add 15/8 inches to this measure. This is the total height of your door. The next measurement is from the top left corner of your window frame to the center point where your hinges will be placed. Add 15/8 inches to this measure. This distance should be equal to the height of your window and your screen rod.

Cut the screen rod into shapes using a hacksaw. Be careful not to cut too close to the walls. You will want to leave some space between the rod and the wall. As a result, you have space to attach the screen rings behind you.

Mark The Horizontal Holes

Mark the horizontal holes along the bottom edge of the screen. Use a pencil to mark the location where you want to put the hook.

Drilling four holes along the edge of the door will give you 16 points of contact for the screws. The goal here is to secure those screws firmly against the door surface.

Calculate How Many Are Hanging On Each Rod

Calculate How Many Are Hanging On Each Rod

You need to hang at least two screen rods for each rod. This means there should be approximately 2 feet of fabric, measured from the center of the rod to the top of the screen, as well as the length of the rod cover and the amount of curtain rod hanging.

Attach The Curtain Rod To The Doorframe

Attach The Curtain Rod To The Doorframe

To attach the rod to a wooden door frame, first, mount the rod to the wall using a drywall anchor. Then screw the rod into the door frame. Choose screws that are long enough to enter the wood. But not too heavy to prevent proper airflow. No additional fasteners are required to screw the rod directly into the doorframe. However, when drilling holes for screws, be careful not to drill into the hinges.

Choose Your Fabric

Choose Your Fabric To Hang Curtains On A Metal Door

Select a pretty solid color and match your home decor. The neutral color goes best with everything. White is popular but dark gray is also good to look at.

Cut Your Fabric

Cut Your Fabric To Hang Curtains On A Metal Door

You cut your fabric along the lines drawn on your pattern piece. Be sure to leave at least 1/8 inch extra on the side of your screen. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise. Using your iron, press the creases flat. Once pressed, fold the fabric back into quarters. Cut the fabric to match the height of the rod. Remember that you need to cut out the extra material for the purpose of tacking.

Screen material needs to be measured before purchase. Measure from the top of the door to the bottom of the window. Make sure the measurements are accurate. This will ensure the proper fit of the fabric.

Sew Your Hems

Sew Your Hems

Stitch the edges of your fabric together, leaving a few inches of space between the two pieces. Stitch around the edges of the entire screen, leaving about 1/2 inch inside the SIM allowance. Turn your screen to the right with the gap. Tighten the threads to gather the fabric in the shape of a circle. Pin or hold the assembled fabric in place when sewing. Tie the end of the thread and tie the knot.

Attach The Screen Ring

Attach The Screen Ring

Screen rings attach to the top of the screen rod. Be sure to leave enough space between the screen rod and the walls to attach the ring. You may need to drill a pilot hole before installing the ring.

The Screen Hangs

The Screen Hangs

Insert the screen rod through the hole at the top of the screen. Be sure to insert at least three-inch rods into the wall. Once inserted, slide the end of the screen rod below the hemline of the first screen. Then pull on the rod until the second hemline comes off the rod.

Hang your screen from the top rail using the screen hook. Then, attach the rod to the wall bracket with the included screw. The last step is to secure your screen rings by sliding them to the end of the rod. You can add extra security by clipping the hook into the ring.

The Final Thought

Metal doors are usually painted or finished, which means they reflect heat into the room. This creates a potential problem so that the indoor temperature stays very hot at night. Hanging curtains will block natural light from entering the room through the windows, thus increasing the heat even more.

You would expect that the heavier the screen, the easier it would cover. Researchers say polyester is a synthetic fabric that expands and retains its shape without drying even after drying. It does not wrinkle easily. So, if this is the only thing that matters, it makes sense to choose polyester curtains.

If you live in a cold climate, you should consider buying long curtains as they will help insulate your home. On the other hand, if you live in a warmer climate, you may want to choose shorter.

The only thing that affects the color of the plastic curtain is the room temperature where it hangs. Since plastic curtains are not meant to last forever, you should not think too much about choosing a particular shade.
Whether ironing plastic curtains before hanging can damage them. All you have to do is tap gently on the edges so that they line up properly and smooth them out. In just a few steps you will learn how to hang curtains on a metal door.

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