What Size Bedroom For King Beds

What Size Bedroom For King Beds

It is quite easy to determine the bed size for a bedroom but if you want to know what size bedroom for king beds, this will be a tough one. Bedroom sizes may not always match the bed size. 

Moreover, you need to place other furniture as well. You can place just a king bed alone in your bedroom. There should be more space to walk and place some furniture no matter what kind of furniture you are furnishing with. 

The layout of your bedroom also plays a major role in choosing the right bedroom size for king beds. If you are shifting to a new home and want to place a king bed in your bedroom, then you should absolutely know what size bedroom for king beds are required. 

Measure each of the rooms and select a bedroom for you which has the minimum capacity to provide space for a king bed along with space for other furniture. You should also keep in mind that the positioning of the bed should also select which should match the bedroom size. 

There should be bare spaces where you can place area rugs, center tables, bedside tables, and whatever furniture you want to place. Observe the positions of the window and vents and furniture very well. 

Now you can decide if the bedroom size is appropriate or not. If you have no idea about what size bedroom for king beds you need, keep reading this article to know that.           

Observe The Layout

Observe The Layout For King Beds

First of all, you need to know which type of king bed you want to place in your bedroom. This will help you to determine the needed size. You need to think about the layout. A perfect layout will set everything perfectly.  

You need solid planning. If you want to choose a standard king bed and want to select a minimum-sized bedroom, you can’t place so many items there. A dresser and a bedside table are enough sometimes.

But if you want to place more furniture, then you will need a large room. To place a king bed you will need at least a 12 feet by 9 feet bedroom. 

Plan A Budget

The most important thing is your budget. The bedroom size and the bed size will depend on the budget. If your budget is more than you can choose a large bedroom and large king beds for you. 

But if you want to fulfill your dream with a low budget, then it will be tough to make up the size. Even if you manage a medium-sized bedroom for a king bed, you can hardly place other furniture in your bedroom. 

In that case, you can place drawers and wall wardrobes to save space. So, ultimately the bedroom size will depend on the budget. According to your budget, you can determine which bedroom size is affordable for you as the king bed and mattresses are also included in your budget.    

You should have a minimum budget if you want to place a king bed in your bedroom as the bedroom size will be large and the bed size will also be large. So,  do some savings and select large bedrooms for placing a king bed.

Required Size Of Bedroom For Different King Beds

There are different kinds of king beds. The sizes are different too. According to the king bed sizes, the required bedroom sizes for each type of bedroom are different.

 You need to choose your favorite type of bed and then find out the required bedroom size. The types of king beds and the required size of bedroom for each one of them are given below:

Eastern King Bed

Eastern King Bed

An Eastern king bed is wide enough. The width of an eastern king bed is 76″ and the length of an eastern king bed is 80″. 

To fit an eastern king bed on a minimum-sized bedroom, you will need a bedroom that is 12 feet by 10 feet in size. This is the size of a minimum-sized bedroom for placing a king bed. 

The more spacious the bedroom is, the more you will feel comfortable. So, you will need at least a 12 feet by 10 feet bedroom for your eastern king bed. Keep at least 30 inches of space on each side of the bed. If the bedroom is large, keep 35 inches of space.    

An eastern size bedroom is not too long but not too short as well. A six feet tall man can easily fit in an eastern king bed with comfort. If your height is not more than six feet, then go for it. 

The minimum-sized bedroom which is 12 feet by 10 feet is appropriate to fit an eastern king bed. So identifying what size bedroom for king beds is required is not so tough.    

Standard King Bed

An eastern king bed is absolutely the same size as a standard king bed. The width is needed if you live with your family or with your partner.

 It ensures that the sleep of the other person in the bed does not get hampered because of you. Both of you, even with children, can comfortably lie together in a standard-sized bed. 

A standard-sized king bed is 76″ W × 80″ L in size. So the bedroom size should be at least 12 feet by 10 feet. If the bedroom size is 13 feet by 13 feet, then it is better. You can place drawers, bedside tables, and a dresser in the 13 feet by 13 feet bedroom.   

People up to 6 feet long can easily fit in a standard king bed. Standard king beds are famous among people. They can fit in a minimum-sized bedroom and the designs are really good. As a result standard king beds are quite popular. 

To know more about what size bedroom for king beds is needed, keep reading. 

Western King Bed

Western King Bed

These are lengthy king beds. So the length of the bedroom should be enough to fit these beds. Western king beds are 72 inches in width and 84 inches in length. 

The length is 4 inches more than the eastern king beds and the width is 4 inches less than the eastern king beds. Western king beds required bed size to be 13 feet by 12 feet. They fit in 12 feet by 12 feet bedrooms too. 

Western bedrooms are for tall people. People who are taller than 6 feet need western king beds. Moreover, if you have pets and you want them to sleep at the feet point of you in the bed, then western king beds are perfect for you. 

The width of western king beds is not too much. The beds are a little bit narrow and lengthy. But the cost will be the same as the eastern king beds cost. According to the pattern, your length and the bed type will consider to selecting the bedroom size. 

California King Bed

California King Bed

King beds of California are not as popular as the standard king beds. People with long heights buy California king beds. Sometimes due to affordable room size, people choose California king beds. 

California king beds are too long. But they are not that wide. Due to their narrow shape, many people don’t like these beds. But if you have a pet animal, then California king beds are undoubtedly an amazing option for you.  

California king beds are 72″ W × 84″ L in size. They are famous for their length, especially for pet lovers and tall people. If you find a bedroom that is 13 feet by 12 feet or 12 feet by 12 feet, then California king beds are perfect.

 Again if you already want to buy a California king bed and don’t know what size bedroom for king beds, then find a bedroom that is 13 feet by 12 feet.

People over 6 feet long have no choice but to buy a California king bed and have to find the mentioned sized bedroom. 

The cost will not be less than a standard king bed. But the fact actually matters is knowing what size bedroom for king beds is to need according to your chosen king bed.    

Olympic King Bed

Olympic King Bed

The Olympic king beds are large-sized king beds. You can choose Olympic king beds if you live with your family or your family is going to be extended. So you should know the bedroom size.

The Olympic bed size is wide and long enough that you can sleep with your partner and children without any disturbance in your sleep. But the bedroom size should be large enough to fit an Olympic king bed there. 14 feet by 16 feet bedroom will be perfect when you can place furniture too.                 

Alaskan King Bed

Alaskan king beds need an extra-large room. They can’t be placed in a small or average room. Alaskan mattresses are also too big. So you can easily understand that Alaskan beds are also too big as the mattresses need to fit in the Alaskan beds. 

For Alaskan beds, you need to have 14 feet by 19 feet bedrooms. If you are planning to fit an Alaskan king bed in 12 feet by 12 feet room, then this is not going to work. If you try so, there will be no space left to place bedside tables or any furniture.

 In Fact, you can’t even land your feet on the ground from bed after waking up. 

So before planning for Alaskan king beds, you must ensure the bedroom is large enough. A 14′ by 19′ or 16′ by 19′ will be perfect. 

Split King Bed

Many people do not understand the difference between Twin XL beds and split king beds. It looks like two single beds are in a joint together. The shape of split king beds is comfortable and lets you and your partner sleep nicely. 

Don’t mix it with twin beds because there are size differences between them. A split king bed is larger in length and width than an XL twin bed. 

The bedroom size for split beds should be 13′ by 13′ or larger than that. 13′ by 13′ is okay but if your bedroom size is larger than that, then you can furnish your bedroom with other furniture apart from the bed.    

Split king beds are highly demanded as they are super comfortable. But you need a large enough bedroom for that. Otherwise, there will be no space for other furnishing items.

Though it looks like two single beds,  the width, and length are perfect for a couple. So you can choose a split king bed for a medium-large bedroom.     

Who Needs King Beds Most?

King beds are large and highly comfortable. People who live with partners and feel uncomfortable with small beds need king beds. Again if anyone is planning to extend his family, then he should know what size bedroom for king beds

Some people love king-sized beds for the extended size, design, additional parts, drawers, and royal look. But you must have the capability to afford a large-sized bedroom for this.  

Take Decisions Wisely

Everyone wants a large bedroom and large bed. But you should have the capability. You have to afford a large bedroom and a king bed at the same time. If you have planned a budget earlier, there are no issues. 

But if you are planning to have a large bedroom and a king bed at a time to make life cozier, then have a thought on your position and money so you can afford them. 

Before planning, you must have the assurance of money that you can afford that right now or you have to do a little bit for that. Basically, choose the right time when you are absolutely ready to afford a large bedroom and a king bed. 

Benefits Of King Beds And Large Bedrooms

Benefits Of King Beds And Large Bedrooms

To lead a healthy life, the living space should be comfortable. A large bedroom ensures proper light and air to enter. You don’t have the suffocating feeling when you are living in a large bedroom. 

If you have a king bed, it helps you to sleep without disturbances and keeps your blood circulation better, and cherishes you with freshness and wide space. 

So, if you want to lead a healthy life with a large bedroom and a king bed, you should know what size bedroom for king beds is required. 

As now you know what size bedroom for king beds as we have discussed in detail in this article, choose the right type of king bed for the right bedroom size. 


The Bed is the focal point of a bedroom. So the size combination is a must to know while furnishing a new bedroom. If you know what size bedroom for king beds is required, then you can choose the perfect matched bed and bedroom for you and your family. 

Hope these measurements and information about what size bedroom for king beds is needed will help you much. If you have liked the article, let us know by your comments. Have a good day!

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