How To Put Christmas Lights On A Large Outdoor Tree

How To Put Christmas Lights On A Large Outdoor Tree

Christmas is such a festival when we want to decorate our home with sparkling colorful lights and express our creative ideas. We want to add colors to life and make Christmas worth remembering. You should know how to put Christmas lights on a large outdoor tree as they are confusing enough to decorate.

It tree is mature enough and has lots of branches. So you can assume it is a canvas to paint with colorful bright. If the tree is in the central point of the backyard, it highlights the outside and becomes the center of attraction that can mesmerize people who pass the road and the neighbors of course. 

You have to be careful while using the ladder and make sure that there is someone to help you who will hold the ladder from below and keep it strongly supported so that you can safely wrap the lights.

Choosing the right item is also confusing sometimes. Before you learn how to put Christmas lights on a large outdoor tree, you should know which are perfect to hang on Christmas.   

Christmas items come in so many shapes and designs. So you have a lot of options and you can use random lights and color combinations to create your magical heaven on earth this Christmas.

Choose A Perfect Outdoor

Choose A Perfect Large Outdoor Tree

As you are going to make a large outdoor focal point, you need to choose a perfect tree. A tree that is not too far from the walkway and is situated in a focal point which you can see even from the road where cars pass by and have a lot of branches is the perfect one.

If there are a lot of branches, then it will be easy to mark the branches you want to wrap. You don’t have to wrap in every branch. Otherwise, the outlook will be overwhelming. 

Spacing between the branches that you have selected to wrap should be perfect. Choose the same number of branches from each side and the middle branch of course. If the gaps between the branches that will be enlightened are perfect, then they will be evenly distributed.    

Quantify The Tree

Quantify The Tree To Put Christmas Lights On A Large Outdoor Tree

A large tree must have a wide trunk. If you do not quantify the length and width of the tree, then perhaps you run out of strings, and the decoration of the remains is incomplete. 

Use a quantifying tape and determine the length of the trunk and the branches that you have selected to decorate. Experts say that each wrap in the trunk needs 35-40 if you are decorating a tree. 

You have to start from the base of the tree. Most importantly remember one thing you are not going to wrap till the end of a tall branch of it. Just make sure the finishing outlook should be beautiful. 

The partner who will hold the ladder can also give you direction and review the outlook as you keep wrapping the branches. It tree should be gorgeously decorated which will enhance your joy and give you a super shiny magical looking backyard.  

Consider The Weather

Consider The Weather To Put Christmas Lights On A Large Outdoor Tree

Don’t start decorating a tree if there is a worse weather condition outside. As you are learning how to put Christmas lights on a large outdoor tree, you should know when you can start decorating.

Choose a sunny day or when it is less windy outside. If there is any chance of snowfall or heavy rain, then wait for the right time. Check the updates on weather conditions before you start to put Christmas on it. Otherwise, all your hard work can go in vain.   

Type Of Lights To Choose

To decorate an outdoor tree with Christmas, you have so much room for adding creativity. Keep it colorful and bold. You can use a pastel fairy which comes with white cables and highlight the tree with brightness and sparkle.

Choose LED fairy lights for Christmas to wrap a tree. LEDs are brighter and save energy and give a long-lasting performance. 

Buy some lighted ornaments like a star fairy, moon fairy, and whatever you like. They are outstanding in creating a magical finishing touch.  

You can put red and white lights as this is for Christmas. But mixing up colors is not also a flop idea. You can keep it simple by wrapping it with white fairy only. Clear white combines well with the winter. On the other hand, Warm white gives you the warm cozy feeling that you desire in winter. 

Type Of The Ladder

There is nothing required but a simple strong ladder that can provide you with strong support. But you must need the help of someone as you are going to decorate a tree.  

Take help from an adult partner whom you can trust. The ladder should be placed on leveled ground. Don’t overextend yourself while putting Christmas on an outdoor item. Position the ladder in the required places as many times as you need.

The ladder should have enough height to easily reach the position. In Fact, the height should be a little bit more than the requirement. Don’t use a metal-based ladder that can conduct electricity. You should choose a ladder which is made of wood. 

Power Up The Lights To Test

Power Up The Lights To Test

Don’t wrap without testing the. Always secure safety. There can be exposed wires, broken sockets, broken or missing, and many more problems. 

You may find a problem in one or two strings among them all. If you figure out the problem after hanging the lights, then you have to unwrap them from the height and then replace them which is tougher as you have lots of other things to maintain as it is Christmas. 

So power up before you start decorating. Check all the strings of fairy and lighted ornaments one by one and if there is any problem detected with any of them, keep them aside and replace them from the store.

You should check for at least a week before wrapping so that you have enough time to replace them if any problem is found.

Space The Wraps Properly

If the gaps between the wraps are not the same, then the outlook will not be good. So you have to maintain a similar space between the wraps. 

You can keep a 4-5 fingers gap from one wrap to another wrap. If you can maintain the proper spacing, then they will be distributed evenly. 

Start wrapping from the base of the tree. First of all, keep wrapping the trunk of you have chosen. Once the first string is finished wrapping, attach the second string with it and continue this way. 

Tighten them enough so that the wraps do not slip or fall lower. When wrapping the selected branches with Christmas, wrap the tiny parts too. Otherwise, the branches will look like lightened chopsticks. 

Attach the male end with the female end. Always choose an item that has male and female ends. 

If you want to put C7 or C9 bulbs, you can put them on the branches. But a fairy is the best for decorating a tree for Christmas.  

To know more about how to put Christmas lights on a large outdoor tree, keep reading. 

Secure The Ends Safely

You need to secure the endpoints of the strings safely. If you want to hang the like curtains or if you hang curtain fairy lights,  then secure the tops with the branches. 

To secure the edge of the strings,  use hooks or zip ties. You can also use professional electrical tapes to secure the strings at the endpoints in every branch that you selected.   

If you are manually changing the from the top like curtains, then make sure that the length of the hanging light strings is the same. 

Need An Extension Cord?

As you are going to put Christmas on an outdoor tree, you must connect the first string with an extension cord.

There is no power outlet beside the tree that you have selected as it is situated in the yard. So you have to reach the power outlet through an extension cord which you need to connect with the first string that you have wrapped at the base of it.

If needed, secure the extension cord by wrapping it in the base. You have to ensure a proper connection that won’t be disconnected even in windy conditions. 

The extension cord should be weather resistant and GFCI protected so that there is no risk even if it is on a wet surface or snow falls on it.  

The Outlet Should Be Safe

You need to connect the extension cord to the nearby power outlet. The power outlet should be GFCI protected to avoid any risk. 

Just connect with the power outlet and make sure that it is safe. In old houses, the power outlet can be indoors that you need to reach through the window. In new houses, the outlet will be outside and easy to reach. 

Hang The Lighted Ornaments

Hang The Lighted Ornaments

Once you are done wrapping the fairy lights, it is time to hang the lighted stars, moons, and other ornaments.

You can hang only lighted stars and moons. Lighted pom poms also look great.  These hanging ornaments create a magical wonderland.  

Attach the single strings of lighted stars and moons with the light strings of the branches of the outdoor tree that you are decorating. Secure with electrical tape or hooks.

Try Battery-powered Or Solar Lights.

As you already know how to put Christmas lights on a large outdoor tree using mains-powered lights, you should know the other ways too.

You can put battery-powered Christmas on without any toiling with extension cords and power outlets. But if you choose battery-powered, then make sure they are going to give you a long-lasting service. The battery should have enough charge. 

If you go with solar item, it needs less effort but they are not as bright as mains-powered lights. Mains-powered are the most popular that people enjoy using although it needs the most energy and time.

To know more about how to put Christmas lights on a large outdoor tree, continue reading till the end.                

Wrap With String Balls To Make It Easy

Wrap With String Balls To Make It Easy

This is a little trick that will help you to wrap easily. First of all, make a ball of light strings and then keep wrapping the balls that will keep all the lights sorted and there will be no problem with loops or twisting.

If you are a beginner, buy a pre-balled string for Christmas. You can wrap them with a square board as well to make it easy to wrap the tree.  

Set The Timer

Once you have finished putting Christmas on a tree in your backyard, set the timer. On occasional days, you may have plans with friends to go out or you can be busy with guests.

So the perfect thing to do is to set the timer so that it turns on and off according to the given time. You don’t have to even worry about turning it on or off and this process saves electricity.

So you should set the timer. Buy which has a timer setting feature. 


An outdoor tree creates an amazing glow and sparkle with a fairy which brings joy and makes the festive mood awesome. 

Wrapped fairy lights with hanging ornaments create the magical wonderland that you could ever desire. 

Now that you know how to put Christmas lights on a large outdoor tree, decorate the outdoor tree in your backyard using the ideas and steps. Secure safety while putting up the Christmas lights.

I hope you have enjoyed the article. Don’t forget to comment below and let us know your opinions. Enjoy your day!

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