How To Identify Brand Of Silver Dinnerware

How To Identify Brand Of Silver Dinnerware

A silver plate is a great piece of the table in any home kitchen or dining room. However, buying a silver plate can be difficult if you do not know what kind of quality you are getting. Find out how to identify brand of silver dinnerware before searching for Silver Dinnerware at your local delivery store. If you want to know the brand of Silver Dinnerware, first you need to know a little bit.

Often, consumers are not sure about the manufacturer of dinnerware. It may seem like a daunting task as most silver dinnerware manufacturers do not stamp their names and logos on their products. Fortunately, there are different ways to identify the manufacturer of any set of silver dinnerware if you know what to look for.

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Some General Features

Here are some tips to help you identify the brand of Silver Dinnerware

  •  Firstly, If there is no label on the bottom of the plate, look closely at the rim. The name of the manufacturer will engrave in the center of this area.
  • Look at the edges of each plate. It should have a raised rim where the handle goes. On the back of the rim, there should be a small indentation that holds the plate securely while eating.
  • When looking at different brands, pay attention to the material. The best ones are usually made of sterling silver. Silver-plated plates are common but they are not superior to their unplated counterparts. These are simply cheaper and less expensive versions of the real deal.
  • Try to avoid cheap silver-plated products. They may look a lot like real things, but they often contain copper instead of silver. There is a tendency for copper to stain and eventually turn black. In addition, copper is easily stained, which does not make them attractive after certain foods.
  • Be careful about finishing a silver-plated product. A high gloss finish will make the plate look shinier. But don’t be fooled by a less glossy finish either. Although it feels smooth on the surface, it tends to wear down quickly.



The first step in identifying the brand of dinnerware is weight. Dinnerware has different weights that vary depending on the.



After that, you need to check the size of the Dinnerware. Most brands of dinnerware are classified based on their width or diameter. If you want to know exactly how big a certain piece of dinnerware is, you will measure it horizontally across a wide point.

Size/Dimensions – Look at the bottom of the packaging to find the size of the item. Usually, this information is in cm or inches. 


Shape To Identify Brand Of Silver Dinnerware

Another way to distinguish between your Dinnerware is to examine the shape of the pieces. The three most common shapes of silverware are round, oval, and octagonal. The round cutlery has a flat bottom and a round trip. Oval-shaped items are wide at the base of the bowl. But taped from side to bottom and have a flat plate at the top. The octagonal pots are narrow at the top and gradually widen at the bottom.

Forged or Stamped 

Here are some tips to help you determine if your dinnerware is traditionally made: If you’re looking at flatware – think about how much each piece weighs. The flatware should be strong and heavy enough. So it does not feel light or weak in your hands.

Silverware that looks light or faint may be forged using cheap metals like aluminum instead of silver. Also, look for a nice clean polish on the surface. A polished finish is usually abrasive and results in polishing with other chemicals. This technique requires a high level of skill to achieve a consistent shine. You don’t want to pay top dollar for something that requires constant maintenance.


Quantity To Identify Brand Of Silver Dinnerware

Brand Name – The brand name identifies the manufacturer of the item. This information should always be directly below the trademark mark. This is the same thing that is shown at the top of your screen when shopping online.

Model Number – When purchasing a product online, look for the model number above the description box. Models are usually numbered from 1-to 10, where 10 is the current production version.

Serial Number – Some companies also have serial numbers associated with their product. These numbers help determine which batch of product was used for the product. These numbers can come in handy if you ever try to give yourself something back. Example 123456.

Item Type – Finally, check the item that was created the item. All items are usually described as metal, plastic, wood, paper, glass, etc. Stainless steel example. So Quantity is very important to Identifying the Brand Of Silver Dinnerware.

Box Sets 

Box Sets 

 Flatware comes in many shapes and sizes. You may have seen your mother or grandmother use a set of dinnerware while eating. These sets usually consist of three forks, two knives, and three spoons. However, not all pieces of dinnerware follow the same pattern.

Some come in a variety of designs and patterns, including geometric shapes, diamonds, stripes, and dots. There are even flatware sets that feature special inscriptions. Moreover, many think that these inscriptions represent the name of the owner. These sets are usually associated with weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions. 

When choosing dinnerware for special occasions, it is best to consider the type of food you serve. For example, if you are eating a formal seating meal, you should choose cutlery that matches the style of your table setting. These include dishes, plates, cups, bowls, and placemats.

You don’t want mismatched cutlery to distract you from the overall look and feel of the event. You can choose between flatware, stemware, and barware. If you need to serve multiple courses, you can go with Stemware, which is ideal for serving drinks.

Open Stock 

 If you have an idea about open stock, you can easily understand how to identify brand of silver dinnerware.

  • Is open stock best available? If you have several options, you should choose what gives you the best price/quality ratio.
  • Does the manufacturer offer anything different from your other options? If they don’t provide better quality than their competition, will they leave the business before you can get one?
  • How do you know if you are getting the best deal possible? How long does it take to shop around, and compare prices and orders? Can you expect free shipping?

Determine If The Pieces Are Sterling Or Silver-plated 

A silver plate is a type of metal plate used to serve food and drink at formal dinners and other events. These plates are too often coated with pure silver. But coat with nickel, sterling, or even copper.

To prevent this from happening, most people prefer to buy their silver from retailers who have high-quality controls and use only genuine silver. Therefore, After buying your silver, you should determine if it is appropriate to keep. It determines if it is sterling or silver plated.

Stamping and hallmarked, while no stamping or marking for silver plating. There is no difference between these two metals in terms of durability; However, when determining the value of your piece, the price of sterling silver will be slightly higher than that of the silver-plated piece.

Used To Differentiate Between Brands

Patterned plates are used in restaurants to distinguish between brands of silver dinnerware. If you recognize this pattern, you know the brand of your dinnerware. Here’s how the pattern works:

  • The firstly, layer represents the manufacturer.
  • The second layer represents the type of metal used.
  • The third level represents the finish (polished vs. unpolished).
  • The fourth layer represents the size of the plate or the size of the plate.
  • Use the image below to help you find out where your dinnerware fits also. 

West Elm & Sydney

West Elm

Founded in 1994, West Elm has become a household name for its unique collection of furniture, home decor, lighting fixtures, and accessories. Its products range from smooth modern designs to rustic farmhouse accents.


Sydney Hall is a ceramic collection featuring dishes in classic shapes and styles that look like they were forever. Their products have won numerous awards and are well-known for being both functional and stylish.

The Final Thought

You need to know this before you buy your silver dinnerware. If you are looking for a high-quality dinnerware piece, you should consider these things.

How can you tell if it is real silver? You should see the marks on the back of the spoon.  Manufacturer’s mark and it should call “925” or “Sterling”. If the back says 925, it means it is a hybrid of silver and copper, which adds some durability but makes it less shiny. If it says sterling, it is 100 percent pure. Hope you understand how to identify brand of silver dinnerware.

Frustrating and costly if you don’t know some simple tricks. This mark helps to identify the manufacturer and the amount of silver in the piece. So you can easily determine its potential value.

Silver, like every other product, has a hallmark that tells you if your item is genuine silver. The production chain includes manufacturers and assessees or testers who mark their products and mark hallmarks on them. Found in different places of a silver object, depending For example, in countries like the United Kingdom (UK).

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