How To Clean Nubuck Leather Sofa

How To Clean Nubuck Leather Sofa

Nubuck is a top grain leather and its sofas are one of the most famous sofas because of their amazing smooth finish and classy leather type. Learning how to clean nubuck leather sofa is an easy task and then you will be able to maintain the quality of your sofa for a long time.

These sofas do not get wasted if it gets wet but if it is soaked in water for a long time, there can be internal damage. The color gets dark when it is wet and the actual color comes back once it is dried.

To clean this, you do not need to go through many tough tasks. It doesn’t need a rough cleaning process.

There are so many ways of cleaning this. So you need to follow the steps and the steps are so simple.

Some people think it is difficult to clean it as they don’t know how to clean it easily through many processes.

What Is A Nubuck Leather Sofa?

What Is A Nubuck Leather Sofa

A sofa covered with nubuck leather is generally called a nubuck sofa. It is one of the most popular sofas and the reason is the beautiful smooth finish that it has.

It is made from cowhide. It is a buffed or sanded type of leather and the surface looks like velvet. It is given a slight nap of short protein fiber to make the velvet-type finish by sanding it on the grain side.

Routine Cleaning Procedure

Routine Cleaning Procedure

To maintain this sofa you need to clean it regularly. Otherwise, it will not last long.

In the process of learning how to clean nubuck leather sofa, first of all, you should know the regular cleaning process.

Use a brush or broom to clean and loosen dust. If you clean this regular dust, then it will not get the chance to accumulate. Use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum all the dust from the sofa. After that, wipe off with a dry paper towel.

Do this regular cleaning at least twice or thrice a week. Regular cleaning will remove the loose dust and germs.

Cleaning Procedure Of  Mild Stains

To Clean Nubuck Leather Sofa Cleaning Procedure Of  Mild Stains

Sometimes cleaning the dust is not enough. You need to clean mild stains and spots.

To clean them, first of all, vacuum them. Now use a pencil eraser to erase the spots from the sofa. Then use a nubuck cleaning cloth to wipe off the sofa.

Clean with a Liquid Cleaner

To Clean Nubuck Leather Sofa Clean with A Liquid Cleaner

If the stain is so tough to remove, then you need a liquid cleaner. Rubbing a liquid cleaner is a bad idea. It can cause damage strongly.

Use a soft liquid cleaner. Spray the cleaner on the stain and let it sit. The accumulation will break down and now take a paper towel. Wet it and wring it properly. Now dab the paper towel on the broken stains and remove the stains by dabbing. Don’t try the back-and-forth way.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind while cleaning with a liquid is, that you have to clean the entire sofa. Otherwise, the color will not be even as the wet parts will be dark. So go through all over your nubuck sofa while cleaning and this will protect it from germs.

Clean Snow And Water Stains

Sometimes there can be snow spots and water spots in your nubuck sofa if it is not properly dried while cleaning.

Among the basic things of how to clean it, this one can seem tough but this process is also easy.

Take a paper towel and dip it in the white vinegar. Now dab the vinegar on the spots. Let it sit for 5 minutes. Now wet a paper towel with clear water and wring it properly. Dab the wet paper towel on the spots to remove the left vinegar. After that, dry it using a hair dryer. 

Remove Oil

To Clean Nubuck Leather Sofa Remove Oil From The Sofa

If oil spills somehow on your nubuck sofa, don’t worry. We have a hilarious solution for you. You can clean the oil using a thing that you already have in your house.

Spread baby powder on the oil and let the powder absorb the oil properly. Put enough powder so that it can absorb the oil entirely. After that, vacuum off the powder, and the oil will be easily removed. Wipe off with a dry clean cloth.

Clean Ink Stains

To Clean Nubuck Leather Sofa Clean Ink Stains

If there are ink stains on it, you may be worried about it when there are ink stains. Spray an ink-cleaning spray on the spots. Now use a blow dryer and napping brush to brush off the contact areas.

Use a paper towel to wipe off properly and dry with a hair dryer or blow dryer.

Blot The Spills

Don’t rub or smudge if any liquid spills on your nubuck sofa. You need to clean it as soon as possible. If the liquid remains for a long time, it can cause damage to it.

Blot the spills with paper towels. Let the paper towels absorb all the liquid. Then wet another paper towel and dab on the area to clean any left residues. After that, dry off with a clean cloth.


There are some precautions that you need to maintain. As you are learning how to clean nubuck leather sofa,  you need to know the precautions as well.

1. Never Use Harsh Cleaners

Never Use Harsh Cleaners

One thing you must keep in mind is that no harsh or rough cleaner can be used on this sofa. You can’t use strong detergents, bleaching powder, or any strong commercial cleaners.

These cleaners will directly affect the leather of your sofa and damage it from the inside. In short,  it will cause irreparable damage to your sofa.

Always use soft cleaners and don’t forget to test your cleaner on a little point to avoid any risk of damage.  

2. Never Try A Machine Wash

Never Try A Machine Wash

It is not machine washable. If you try to do that, your leather will be highly damaged and you will not be able to use it anymore after a single wash.

3. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Putting it outside in the sunlight will kill the germs undoubtedly but don’t keep it for long.

You can put it for 20-30 minutes in the sunlight and that will not do any harm to your sofa. But if you put it all day long and continue keeping it like this, then the UV rays from sunlight will cause heavy damage to the leather and the heat will spoil the color scheme too.

4. Use UV Protecting Spray

To protect your nubuck sofa from damage, use 2-3 coats of UV-protecting spray twice a week. In fact, you should spray waterproof spray so the germs can not grow.

5. Wear A Mask While Spraying

No matter if you are spraying a cleaning spray or UV-protecting spray on your sofa,  you should wear a mask whenever you spray. These precautions will keep you safe.

Is Nubuck Leather Better Than Suede?

Suede is also a popular leather and suede sofas are also being used a lot. But there are some advantages to a nubuck sofa that a suede sofa does not have. 

But suede can not tolerate water. Nubuck is stronger and thicker than suede. Moreover, the cleaning process of suede leather is more sensitive and tough than nubuck leather.


It is a velvet-type, and easy to maintain if you know some simple processes of how to clean nubuck leather sofa. In this article, we have shown the easiest ways of cleaning a nubuck sofa that you can easily try.

Use the procedures and let us know if you find them beneficial. Hope you have liked this article. Let us know through your comments and share your opinions. Enjoy more house hacks with us and stay tuned. Have a nice day!

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