Kitchen Accent Wall Ideas

28 Unique Ways For Kitchen Accent Wall Ideas

Kitchen accent wall decorations are very important because they represent your choice. There are different types of kitchen accent wall ideas depending on what kind of style you want.

An attractive kitchen/cookhouse accent wall adds personality to any room. There’s no need to go overboard with a busy mural; Some well-placed prints, paintings, or photographs will do the trick. Start with a neutral color and then add pops of interest with bold colors, graphic patterns, or unique artwork. Think about what sets your space apart from everyone else’s. If your cookhouse matches your home decor, don’t worry about mixing things up.

28 Unique Kitchen Accent Wall Ideas

1. Rustic Kitchen Wall

Rustic Kitchen Wall

If you have a cookhouse then adding some rustic-style accents to the wall above the stove would look really nice. If you are looking at doing this, then think about using wood planks or boards from reclaimed lumber yards and then paint them a dark brown color. You can go a step further if you want and stain them before applying paint. Another great idea is to use wood blocks, bricks, and other natural elements instead of actual wood pieces.

2. Using Chalkboard Paint

Using Chalkboard Paint Kitchen Accent Wall

Another good idea is to paint a design on the wall using chalkboard paint. Chalk paint can be easily removed and repainted over time. And if you feel that the design you like is not the best, you can always change it. By using chalk paint, you can create original designs yourself without paying a professional painter. If you feel like you need help creating your own chalkboard design, you can buy chalkboards online.

3. Hanging Art

Hanging Art

The last thing you should consider when deciding what kind of kitchen accent wall ideas to use is whether you prefer hanging art or objects on display.

If you like to display objects, you can hang sculptures or paintings on your walls and face them outwards. If you like to have art on your walls, you can hang paintings or even framed drawings.

4. Artwork


A simple but effective way to add artwork to your cookhouse is to remove the glass from the frame. You can either leave the frames loose or temporarily tape them together until you’re ready to hang them properly. If you still have gaps after removing the glass, you can fill them with foam or a poster board. If you want your artwork professionally framed, you can purchase custom framers.

Once you’ve decided on where to display your images, you can now focus on choosing between two options: painting or stenciling. Painting is definitely easier and takes less time to finish than stenciling. But stenciling offers a lot of creative freedom. You can choose from thousands of stencil designs available online.

5. Wallpaper Application

Wallpaper Application

To complete your kitchen accent wall, you can choose to apply wallpaper. However, before doing this, make sure you check the quality of the paper first. Cheap vinyl or peelable paper may eventually flake off. Also, avoid applying wallpaper to walls that have cracks or holes as the paper may split.

If you want to apply wallpaper, you can choose between two styles: stencil and painted. Stenciled wallpaper is fun and looks really cool, but it takes a lot of skill to apply. On the other hand, painted wallpaper is much easier than stenciling.

6. Tropical 


The tropical kitchen accent wall ideas are not only decorative but practical too. If you have any space inside your cookhouse, then decorating it using tropical kitchen accents will make the room look larger. You can use tiles, wood, bamboo, marble, etc. to create unique patterns in the room. These tropical kitchen accents should go well with the color scheme you choose for your cookhouse. You can also add some colorful accessories like mugs, vases, plates, etc., in order to make the whole thing look even more appealing.

7. Modern 


If you’re looking for kitchen wall ideas, then you’ve got to check out these modern kitchen accent wall ideas. There’s something about the way they incorporate design elements that makes them unique and interesting.

There are many modern kitchens out there. One way to make yours look different is to change the type of decoration you use. Instead of using traditional cabinets, try using materials like stainless steel or glass. You can use these modern cookhouse designs to make your kitchen look clean and new.

8. Island Style

Island Style Kitchens

Island-style kitchens have become increasingly popular in recent years. Instead of having countertops flush against the walls, there is a small area between the counters and the wall. This opens up the cookhouse and gives the illusion of a larger space. You’re able to move around freely in the kitchen without bumping into things. 

In addition, there is plenty of storage for dishes, cookware, and silverware. There may not be enough room for a dining table, but it doesn’t really matter since many people eat at the bar anyway. The only drawback is that island-style kitchens tend to be much taller than standard styles. You may need to consider how tall you would like the kitchen to be before choosing this design.

9. The Texture 

The Texture

Texture has been around in kitchens forever. One of the oldest ways people decorated their cookhouses was by using texturing agents like marble, concrete, stone, brick, wooden tiles, and even glass tiles. These materials were extremely effective at giving a room a beautiful and timeless look, and they still are today.

There are many different textures that we can use today to spruce up our kitchens. We can easily find ceramic tile, brick, granite, wood tile, wood flooring, slate, and much more. But if you want to give your cookhouse a little something extra, I have some great suggestions for you!

10. White Black 

White Black

Kitchen accents make a big difference in how your cookhouse looks. A great way to add some character and style to your cookhouse is to use white-black accent wall ideas. These ideas may be small or elaborate, and they will help you get a distinctive look. You can choose a design that reflects what type of cookhouse you have. If you want something simple, you might go with a classic pattern. Or if you enjoy a bolder style, then maybe you should try something abstract or even whimsical. There are many choices out there for you.

11. Country French Foyer

Country French Foyer accent wall

Country French style could work well with any room in your house. But if you have a foyer, then it’s the perfect place to add some country flair. A great way to do this would be to pick out a rustic wooden table and chairs, and then fill them with old books and vintage items. Place a pottery vase full of fresh flowers on top of it. You can even put a few antique clocks or figurines around the area.

12. Show Pictures

Show Pictures For Kitchen Accent Wall

These accent walls are usually done on the back side of the wall because they don’t interfere with the functionality of the room. These walls also add a stylish appeal to your home if you decide to keep them. If you already have an empty space on your wall, you may want to use that space to display your photos and artwork.

Be sure to place your photos or artwork at eye level and not above it, so people don’t have to bend down to see it. Another way to choose where to place your photos is to consider what appeals to you most about your cookhouse. Then put your favorite recipe or food photograph on your kitchen wall. Put episodes of your favorite cooking shows on the wall instead.

13. Rural Kitchen Accent Wall Ideas

Rural Kitchen Accent Wall Ideas

Country cottage or farmhouse design is usually characterized by its simplicity, functionality, and beauty. It is a great combination of nature and modernity with natural materials, simple design, and clean lines.

14. French Vineyard Kitchen Accent Wall Ideas

French Vineyard Kitchen Accent Wall Ideas

This vintage French farmhouse accent idea features a dark wooden dining table set between two French windows. A beautiful pair of wooden chairs sit beneath the window seats. The charming decor includes a white painted iron chandelier hanging over the dining room table and the use of some bright colored accents here and there including pops of red, yellow, and green throughout the space.

15. Stone Accents For Added Charm 

Stone Accents For Added Charm 

Do you want a cookhouse wall design that really makes your house stand out? If yes, then try putting stone accents on your kitchen walls. You can use stones to make it look even prettier. However, before you do that, make sure that the stones you choose are able to withstand the harsh environment of the kitchen. There are many different kinds of stones that you can put on your kitchen walls including marble, granite, limestone, quartz, sandstone, and slate. Each stone has its own unique quality and each one of them looks great when placed on your walls.

16.  A Pop Of Color Never Hurts Anyone 

A Pop Of Color Never Hurts Anyone

Here we have a gorgeous painting that adds a nice piece of art to an otherwise simple kitchen area. This painting was created by artist and designer Sarah Ann Johnson who wanted to create a unique piece of art for her daughter’s nursery. He wanted to do something different than the usual child drawings and came up with this stunning piece. Here, we can clearly see that he has used different shades of colors to create a masterpiece.

For example, we have a pinkish blue in the background while the yellow accents give the painting a feeling of warmth. That being said, the overall effect is quite calm and serene. So, if you’re looking to add a unique touch to your kitchen without going overboard with color, this might be what you’re looking for.

17. Add Wood Kitchen Accent Wall Ideas

Add Wood Kitchen Accent Wall Ideas

A lot of people want to incorporate wood into the kitchen decor theme. Whether it is wooden cabinets or wood flooring, wood is a good choice. These images are about how wood accent walls in a cookhouse can make a huge difference. If you have a small kitchen, you might not want wood walls, but if you have a big one, you should consider it.

Do you know that you can use wood as an alternative to traditional wallpaper? Yes, it is possible. You can find high-quality patterns in various sizes and colors. Using wood for accent walls is a nice way to add warmth and character to your kitchen.

18. The Hard Appearance Of Stone 

The Hard Appearance Of Stone 

Many people love using natural stones due to their unique look. There are different types of accent wall ideas, however, all of them offer something refreshing to the space.

If you want to get a cookhouse wall decoration idea, you should choose granite wall ideas. When people think of granite wall decor, they think of high-end appliances and kitchens with beautiful granite countertops and backsplashes.

However, if you look around today’s market, you will find a wide range of granite wall decor ideas that offer a modern feel at a much lower cost than granite countertops. If you like the idea of ​​black granite walls, you may want to check out black granite countertops and black granite cabinets.

You may want to consider adding some decorative pendant lights above your granite kitchen island to give it attention.

19. Warm Skin Kitchen Accent Wall Ideas

Warm Skin Kitchen Accent Wall Ideas

There’s no denying what we’re drawn to when we enter our cookhouse: the warm glow of the welcoming stovetops and ovens. Whether they’re warming up our favorite meal or providing us with a cozy place to curl up at night, kitchens have become some of the most popular rooms in the home. And with good reason; kitchens create a sense of community and warmth, both inside and out. But before you set out to revamp yours, take note of these warm-skin kitchen accent wall ideas below that will add a touch of design that’ll make your space feel complete.

20. Solid Smooth Color

Solid Smooth Color

Smooth wall colors can make any cookhouse look great. Choose a solid color or patterned wallpaper that goes well with the existing decor. You don’t have to paint over the wall – instead, simply add a frame around the edges.

21. Kitchen Wall Mounted Shelves 

Kitchen Wall Mounted Shelves

Kitchen shelves have been around for a long time and they still continue to be a popular design choice. These kitchen cabinets allow your home to look organized and neat while providing space for storing small items. You may need to think about what type of storage you want first before deciding where to mount these shelves.

A good option is to start with a few different designs until you find something that works well in your cookhouse. Another way to change things up is to add some color to your cookhouse shelving. You could go bold and choose vivid colors, or you can try adding a touch of neutrals and whites. If you’re not sure where to begin, check out our ideas below!

22. Reverse Sign For The Wall 

Reverse Sign For The Wall

A great way to make your space look larger than it really is, the reverse sign is something that can easily transform the whole feel of any room. By using different colors and designs, you’ll soon find yourself feeling more comfortable around your cookhouse, even if you don’t use it often. To get started, the first step is to determine what color palette you want to work with.

If you’re looking for a bold design, go with a bright red color combination that includes black accents. Or, if you prefer a subtler approach, choose a muted green with white accents. Whatever direction you decide to take, remember that you need to stay true to your style while keeping some elements simple. You want to avoid getting carried away and going overboard with your choices. A good rule of thumb is to keep things simple and straightforward without making them boring.

23. Shiplap Or Boards And Battens For Kitchens 

Shiplap Or Boards And Battens For Kitchens

The shiplap board comes in different sizes and shapes to accommodate any room’s design style. There are two types of shiplap – tongue-in-groove (TIG) and flat-peg. TIG shiplap is the most popular and is commonly used in traditional kitchen designs. Flat-peg shiplap is less expensive than TIG and is often used in contemporary kitchens.

24. Photo 


A kitchen accent wall adds personality to any family room and is sure to get noticed! Use framed pictures or unique pieces of artwork to add character to your kitchen area. If you want to use a different type of art, consider using canvas prints instead. Either way, these little accents will make a big statement in a small space!

25. Tiled Kitchen Wall 

Tiled Kitchen Wall

Tile designs are a popular trend today and are easily incorporated into any home design due to the variety of styles available. There are many different tile designs to choose from including mosaics, geometric patterns, and abstract shapes. Tiles are great for kitchens since they create a neutral backdrop and act as a natural countertop. A good way to incorporate tiles into your kitchen design is to use them as backsplashes along the entire length of the counters. You can also place tiles above cabinets and under cabinet lighting.

26. Geometric Accent Wall Ideas

Geometric Kitchen Accent Wall Ideas

The geometric patterns give a modern touch to the traditional wooden accent wall. It’s a great idea to use different sizes of circles to create a simple yet eye-catching pattern. You can easily paint these circles using any color. We have added the dimensions to help make the process easier. Painting the circles can either be done at once or separated over time. If you choose to do it in sections, we recommend starting with the largest circle first and working your way down to the smallest.

27. Fun Knobs 

Fun Knobs

The kitchen is among the most critical rooms in any home; it’s where meals are prepared and food is stored after cooking. It’s also among the busiest spaces in the house. From beginning to end, the cook is busy preparing, cooking, cleaning, and entertaining. That makes the kitchen a natural place for functional decoration. 

You may use your knob’s kitchen accents to improve the function of the space as well as its appearance. In fact, there are many ways to decorate with knobs and kitchen accessories. If you’re looking for ideas, keep reading!

28. Accessorize 


As we’ve talked about before, kitchen accent wall ideas are not just fun ways to change the look and feel of our kitchens. They are actually practical ways to help us organize and accessorize our everyday appliances. When it comes down to it, what makes a kitchen beautiful is having everything right where it is supposed to be, whether it’s an oven, microwave, coffee machine, juicer, blender, etc. This way, no matter how messy things get, they’re always accessible. Here are some things you should consider when looking at kitchen accents.


With some creative kitchen decorating ideas, you can make your kitchen a place where people feel comfortable spending time with their families. Your kitchen decor should reflect who you are as a person. You may have different interests so you need to show them at home.

You can add accessories to your kitchen design. A beautiful set of glassware can help you serve delicious food. You can place items in a basket under the cabinet. You can also display them on shelves above the stove. Hope you understand the kitchen accent wall ideas.

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