How To Reupholster Dining Room Chairs

How To Reupholster Dining Room Chairs

Dining room chairs are used daily in many homes around The world. Whether it’s a family dinner, office meeting, Or coffee with a friend – dining room chairs are an important part of our lives. But year after year they start to show it! They can even be a bit uncomfortable. One way to breathe new life to The old chairs is to reupholster them. It takes some knowledge And skill to know how to reupholster dining room chairs, but it is possible.

When You have dilapidated Or old chairs, You may be tempted to replace them. Resurfacing these may seem like a daunting task, but it’s not. All You need to know is what tools And supplies You need. To reupholster The chairs, use The numerous layers of broadcloth Or blanket batting under The new upholstery fabric.

You will want to place a sheet layer of sandpaper between each layer. It creates a snug fit. This will help to strengthen The chair And prevent it from sagging.

Remove The Old Chair Cover

Measure chair legs And compare them with Your chair tax. When You get it right, You can start The room chairs that way. Indeed, nowadays announcement options are available. You will find many online that teach. Throw The new cover well to mark The direction, but do not cut at this time. Because if Your new cover does not fit properly, You will be too small around it.

Just grab a seat reaper And start moving the fabric from The back of The search. You can work up to The arm And seat, then turn The fabric from The end. Remove old cushions. Now start around The east side of The fabric with a utility knife by inserting The blade between The fabric And it.

Then create an X-pattern so You can go through a lot of fabric wood. Now pull out The piece of wood And The fabric seat pad And hang it. The lightweight fibers are not inserted into the gusset of Your upholstery. 

Use The Shape Of The Top Of A Cushion

Fortunately, finding The right fabric for Your chairs is not too difficult. You can browse The different fabrics And patterns in The local stores in Your area. Even if You can’t find The right one, there are plenty of online resources to help You. You will first want to understand how much fabric You need – both The seat And The back. Decide if You want to see The fabric on both sides, which may require multiple yards.

Once it’s out, order enough fabric to cover The back of The seat and chair. If possible, create a template by tracing Your old cushion on two sheets of paper: one with The top shape of The cushion And The other with The bottom shape. Cut out these shapes from The paper And place them on The newly ordered fabric. Make sure it fits Your chair properly before cutting if necessary. 

Easy Cleaning Of Dining Room Chairs 

Easy Cleaning Of Dining Room Chairs

Like any piece of furniture, dining chairs need regular cleaning And maintenance. The first thing You want to do is carefully pick out any stains Or food that may be left on The chair. Then, wipe The chair with a mild soap And water solution. Whenever You wash Your chairs, allow them to dry completely.

This will help ensure that there is no residual moisture problem behind The chair cushions which may cause an unnecessary odor when reused. To see how to reupholster dining room chairs.

Open The Dining Chair Seat From The Base

You just unscrew The 4 screws so You can unscrew The seat. Then take a screwdriver And place The cushion in a metal frame And punch The staples. Then put a new tick mark on The cushion of The metal frame. You have to be rearranged chairs, whether they are made of plastic, metal, Or wood.

Start under The chair seat And pull The upholstery from The outside to The inside. Once You loosen it, put a protective cover on The outside to help keep it clean. I usually use an old pillowcase. Once Your existing fabric is off, check Your staples to see if You need to remove Or replace any. Most staples currently in use are designed to remove without The actual staple. But some may trust so it may be best to replace them. 

Pull Off The Fabric And Padding 

The only way to repair a seat cushion is to remove The existing coverings to expose The padding And bottom springs. Use a screwdriver to remove The screws on The chair seat frame. Remove The no-sag spring from The hooks on The chair seat. Remove all this padding And remove any staples holding upholstery fabric from The bottom.

Cut out The existing fabric around The frame. So You can use The old fabric As a pattern for Your new coating. Reconnect The chairs in Your dining room using upholstery fabric And then reconnect them. Replace missing screws, And then check that they are tight before using them again. 

Keep reading this article to learn more about how to reupholster dining room chairs.

Dust Cover And Padding Replacement 

In The beginning, always cover Your chair completely with a dust cover so that Your hands do not touch any clothes. After You do this, start opening The buttons that hold The back together at The top. Pull them out carefully And keep them out of The way. Unzip The open end of each pocket from one end to The other.

Reach into The pocket And gently loosen any fabric wrapped around either side of The foot. It’s a bit complicated. Because there’s no rhyme Or reason why they might be tied Or wrapped in a certain way. If 2 chairs are tied together, it may be worthwhile to try to separate The two chairs at once.

This is a laborious task because if You are like me And don’t want to damage things in any way. It can take hours. Only once I got the swing of it did I realize that my grandfather would re-upholstery these chairs into dining room chairs. The amount of fabric required depends on two distinct measurements.

The height of The chair seat And The depth of The chair seat. The rule of thumb is that You need 1-2 yards per chair; The most common recommendation is 1.5 yards per chair.

Staple The Dust Cover Over The Seat 

Staple The Dust Cover Over The Seat

The most common material used to cover a chair is cotton. This is because cotton is generally easier to clean, dries faster, And is more durable than other materials. By choosing a good material You will ensure that Your chairs will last a long time before being rearranged. When adding fabric, pull The edges And staple them into The chair frame.

If You have one, You may want to use a spring stapler with a 1 5/8 diameter staple. I used a stove-top stapler because I left my big one at home. Finish one row at a time using every 3-4 inch staple on The back of The chair. 

Place The Foam Padding And Seats 

This article gives You all The information about how to reupholster dining room chairs. You need to carefully disassemble Your old chairs And re-upholster them with new foam padding, seat covers, And webbing. Write down The dimensions of The dining chair, just to make sure You have enough material.

Measure about four Or five inches above The bottom of The seat, noting much space You have for padding And fabric. Next, measure The diameter And width of The cushions, specifying The length You have left for Your upholstery. Be sure to add an inch or two to this measurement so that any shift can occur when The fabric is attached. 

Cutting And Attaching New Upholstery

Cutting And Attaching New Upholstery

The most important thing You can do when trying to reupholster chairs is to make sure You are using high-quality materials And equipment. The first thing You need to do is choose a new fabric for Your chairs. The next step is to remove The screws from Your current seat cushion And then cut And attach The fabric.

You will want to use The main gun to attach The fabric to The chair frame. After The fabric is stapled down, You take a small piece of Velcro And attach it to The bottom of each cushion. When You get new fabric, remove The old fabric from Your furniture.

You can then take The frame to a professional to draw Or sand. If it has loose padding, You can take it out And put in new padding. You may have to go to The store. But it’s not As bad As all The work You can do to save yourself while upholstering The dining room chairs.

Cut fabric upholstery. Start by making a list of how many yards You will need to cover four chairs And two sheets. Adjust that number based on whether The new fabric will be extra after cutting The pieces. Each chair needs about 71 inches to cover And enough for six detailed corners.

Save any more pieces that are created. Used to cover The seams on The backs And sides of The chairs Or As sashing between squares in a square pattern. 

Pull The Working Fabric

Nowadays, The industrial world is full of oversized furniture And all of Them come with more expensive tags than we can handle. But there is an alternative. Reupholstery Dining Chair The best solution for a cheap update in Your own home.

You will have an inviting family space that complements Your Decor at a fraction of The price of new furniture And a method on how to reupholster dining room chairs.

Cut 1 inch (2.5 cm) Of Extra Fabric 

You have to disassemble Your micro suede dining chair. Drag The taxes upwards out of The fabric. Use a flat-head screwdriver for this. When You finish, You will see that there are staples on each side of The chair. Then, cut 1 inch (2.5 cm) of extra fabric from all The staples And reupholster The chairs. 

Reattach The Seat To The Chair Base 

If You are rebuilding a chair, You should look for solid wood, not plywood. The best way to fix The cushions attached to The chair is to use a nail gun. A chair can last for years if You take good care of it. Though You want to make Your chairs long-lasting, do not place them in The sun Or a hot place.

Finding some foam that will be comfortable enough to soften The chair a bit. But it will be hard enough that it will not break And fluff in The first few years. I bought some 2 inches thick extruded polystyrene insulation on a 4×8-foot sheet from Lowe’s. It comes in different thicknesses And densities. 2 inches thick with a density of .9 pounds per cubic foot.

The foam is wrapped in a sheet of plastic on sheets of giant, very heavy, flat cardboard. After You cut out Your pattern pieces, cut The foam to size using a sharp razor knife. I’ve used spray glue to glue all my foam pieces together. But hot glue Or epoxy will also work well.

Check The Seat Base And Replace

The upholstery of Your dining room chair depends on Your style. You can choose from a variety of fabrics such As wool, cotton, twill, And vinyl. The first thing to consider is The average time You will use The chairs. This will determine how much wear And tear The material can withstand.

For example, if You are a family that has two Or three meals a day at home And many guests come to Your house, especially on weekends, then You should go for heavy responsibility items. One final note before buying Your replacement chair seat is to make sure The new seat is slightly larger than The old one by 1-1 inch.

This will ensure that The foam on The old cushions will fill any gaps And create a smooth look when completed. If You are unsure Your measurements will be. Just take Your old cushion And try to place it on top of The new pad. If it doesn’t fit, go big with Your purchase size.

Proper Use Of A Screw And Drill 

Insert The dowel into The chair seat And rotate it until The four points touch The bottom of The chair. To get it, mark The two spots through The dowel hole under The chair with a pencil. Remove The dowel And drill The pilot hole where You marked it. Then screw in Your lag screws (1 or 2). Tighten them very tightly, but not too much. Enough to keep The dowel from spinning when You push it.

Apply some glue to one end of each side part And place each under one arm of Your seat. They are aligned with each other And touch their edges on either side of one arm. Clamp them in place using at least two clamps on each side. The closer Your pieces are, The more wood will be pressed together between them by clamping pressure. It will create a stronger joint. 


You will re-upholster The chairs Yourself but I have said how to reupholster dining room chairs. You should not be afraid to deal with a task like Your own, but You will need The right tools to do it. The fabric You need to buy with which You want to cover The chairs. 

Now it’s time to act. The first step is to remove all The screws from The chair seat And back. If You use a large fabric, You can place it on Your sewing machine at this point, then sew zig-zags around all The edges to prevent friction.

Keep The fabric flat on Your floor, then place all Your seat/back pieces face down on it – since Your purpose is to cover only one inch of wood, a nail gun, Or a piece of wood – remove each piece of furniture from The back of The chair.

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