How To Keep Sheets On Air Mattress

How To Keep Sheets On Air Mattress

Air mattresses are too slippery to hold sheets perfectly all night long. Learn easy tricks on how to keep sheets on air mattress nicely. You can try it topper before putting sheets on an air mattress. These are mostly used when camping or on the road tracks. You can also use it when you are having guests in your house.

To use an air mattress for a long period, treat it as you treat your regular mattress. Use toppers and bed sheets to protect it from dust and debris.

These can be comfortable if you use good-quality sheets on your one. But before putting sheets, you need to consider some facts such as sheet type, measurements, attaching components, and weight as well.

But you must read the instruction manual given by the manufacturers properly. You need to consider the facts before you buy any sheet.

Nobody wants an uncomfortable sleep after a hectic day of camping and adventure. It keep your it comfortable and provide you with a cozy feeling. If you add a topper beneath things, it will be more comfortable.

Don’t you want to enjoy warm cozy nights on the days of camping? Just learn how to keep sheets on air mattress. Once you know this, you can make your camp nights super comfortable and enjoy a sound sleep.

Measure Your Bed First

Measure Your Bed First

To place a nice and comfortable sheet, first of all, you need to measure it properly. If the sheet is extra large or smaller than the required size, then you won’t be able to fit it on the mattress properly and you will find your bed sheet on the floor when you wake up.

So measurement is an important issue when you are trying to get information about how to keep sheets on air mattress. You will need a measuring tape for this step. In fact, you should measure it before going to buy the bed things so that you can buy a perfect sheet for your mattress.

Use a measuring tape and write down the measurements of it. Air sheets are not so light weighted. So if you keep some inches of it hanging till the foot point, then it will slip and get off easily from the bed. If your air mattress’s upper part is situated over the flocking area, then you are lucky. Measure the edges, length, and width one by one.

Type Of Bed Sheets

There are many types of bed sheets. You can choose satin, silk, flannel, cotton, or bamboo sheets. Choose it according to your purpose and circumstances.

Satin Or Silk Sheets

Satin Sheets Or Silk Sheets

Soft and hardly stay in the air mattress satin or silk sheets. If you are planning for a romantic night or dreamy night to spend on an air same, use satin or silk one. But you need to use suspenders. Tuck the edges on the mattress using clips or suspenders. 

Satin sheets are beautiful and classy. But if you want the sheet to stay on the mattress, you need to attach it perfectly. If the things is larger in size, cut it according to the size.

Flannel Sheets

Flannel Sheets

If you are planning to buy bed sheets for cold weather, then flannel sheets are a great option for you. It will keep you warm and give you a comfortable sleep. You can also use a flannel sheet beneath the silk sheet to avoid slipping off. Therefore, it will help you to grip the silk things in position. Use suspenders or stretchy bands to attach these things

Cotton Sheets

Cotton Sheets

Widely used cotton sheets in all types of mattresses, even in air mattresses. They do not slip off so early and are durable. During the night while camping, cotton item give you a painless satisfying sleep and ensure warmth.

If you buy an oversized sheet, then you can cut it according to the size. But don’t buy a smaller-sized sheet, then you can’t keep it on it perfectly no matter how hard you try.

To know more about how to keep sheets on air mattress, keep reading.

Attaching Components

There are too many attaching components but you need to choose the best. Consider your bed size and type of sheet. You can attach binding clips, stretchy bands, suspenders, tapes, and many more things.

Binding Clips

Binding Clips

Try to use binding clips to fix your bed sheet. Use as many of them as you need. First of all, lay your bed sheet on and now tuck the edges. There will be bindings like an ‘X’ shape or triangle shape using strong clips.

Stretchy Bands

Stretchy bands create a loop that stays tightly with it on the mattress and keeps the sheet on the mattress nicely also. Then these bands are like giant bands which will cover the entire edge areas. They absolutely mind-blowing options to keep the sheet on the in a proper position.


Suspenders To Keep Sheets On Air Mattress

Generally, suspenders keep the bed sheet clinging to it and they are strong-quality suspenders. Use suspenders through the entire bed sheet attached to the air mattress.


Sewing To Keep Sheets On Air Mattress

If you don’t want to buy any straps or suspenders, you can use an easy trick. Sew the edges of your bed things with the edges of it. Finally, this can be an amazing idea to cost low and keep your mattress long-lasting.

Attach Tapes

Attach Tapes To Keep Sheets On Air Mattress

A temporary solution to attach tapes. Double-sided tapes are the best option for attaching bed sheets. If you use velcro tapes, you need to try another trick. Put some glue on the edge of the air surface, then attach the non-sticky back with the glue and keep the sticky part open to attach the bed things to the air mattress.

Safety Pins

Safety Pins To Keep Sheets On Air Mattress

It can be another safe option but you need to be very careful while using safety pins. Otherwise, you may tear the mattress itself. You can create your own stretchy band or straps using safety pins and rubber components.

Consider The Weight Total

Air mattresses have different weight-bearing capacities. So you need to ensure that the total weight of it, sheet, and mattress topper will not exceed the capacity. When you are buying a new mattress, measure the weight and maintain the weighted total according to the capacity.


Air mattresses are enjoyable if you can keep the bed sheet on the mattress perfectly and keep the binding secure. In the process of learning how to keep bed things on it, you have already learned the sheet types and what the attaching components are!

Hope you have found this article useful which is about how to keep sheets on air mattress. Let us know your opinion through comments. Don’t forget to comment below. Enjoy your day!

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