How To Clean Dash Waffle Maker

How To Clean Dash Waffle Maker

Have You ever used a waffle maker? Waffle makers make waffles, And can also be used to make pancakes. They usually have functional decoration on The outside which makes them very attractive. This article will teach You how to clean Dash Waffle Maker.

Cleaning a waffle maker is a daunting task And it often becomes even more challenging when You are trying to clean a non-stick heating element. But this machine will make it easier than ever to make a delicious, customizable breakfast in The morning. With its compact size, The device is easily stored in Your cupboard after use.

To get The best performance from Your device, You need to maintain it regularly to prolong its working life. It is considered an essential tool in The home kitchen where delicious Belgian waffles are often served at breakfast. So is The Kitchen Appliance And Technology of The American Houseware Association.

What You’ll Need

Before cleaning The device, allow The unit to cool completely. To clean nonstick plates, brush excess Or stuck food with a soft cloth Or nylon scrubber And dry with a towel.

  • A cloth
  • A light dish
  • Scrub brush
  • Strict chemicals
  • Light hot water
  •  Dish soap

How to Clean Dash Waffle Maker

When it comes time to clean Your waffle maker, it will let You know via an audible beep if the plates are cold enough. To clean, just wait until The indicator light goes out And then remove all The crumbs And excess cake from The cooking plate using a gentle. But firm pressure on a soft wet cloth Or paper towel.

You can use mild liquid dish soap on any stubborn debris without any threat to Your waffle iron. For daily cleaning, use a soft damp cloth Or a dedicated kitchen appliance cleaner.

Avoid using harsh abrasive cleaners Or metal scrubbers, which can damage The non-stick coating. Once You’re done cleaning, wipe The outside with a soft damp cloth Or kitchen appliance cleaner, avoiding areas.

Warm Up Your Waffle Maker

An important part of Your waffle maker’s care is making sure it is warm before You make a waffle. Heating The iron/plate keeps everything greased well, so no extra oil Or butter is needed. To heat The iron, plug it in And place The plates on The bottom. Once they are heated, they will evaporate any remaining food Or ingredients.

Unplug Dash Waffle Maker

Unplug It

Safety is important When cleaning any electrical appliance. So The first step in cleaning is to unplug it. Hold The waffle maker by The handle And move it to a flat. Wait for it to cool before cleaning it. Scrape off The remaining Bata using nonstick cooking spray, And coat Your waffle iron grids.

Fold And Wet Your Paper Towels

This step is quite self-explanatory but not some steps, so just listen closely. Use a clean paper towel Or cloth to wipe it. Fold The paper towel so You get a good grip And don’t have to bunch it too much with one hand. Cut out some paper towels And moisten them.

See, I’ve even had trouble spelling “damp” And I’ve been cleaning up this thing for years! It doesn’t matter if You use a sheet Or more than one sheet of paper towel. It’s all good. If You’re like me, You’ll double The whole roll in half And cut it in half. This will get You six-quarters of a roll. 

Lay The Wet Paper Towel

To get started, make sure it has been unplugged And cooled. Find a damp paper towel Or sponge. Take Your paper towel And soak it in The water And drain all The excess liquid. Now turn off The hot plates And spread The wet cloth on Your waffle iron.

Leave The product in The waffle iron until The product has cooled completely. It also helps to add a little water to The waffle iron while it is still warm. Then, after it has cooled completely You can open Your product And clean it with some soap And water!

Take The Damp Paper Towel Out

If You notice that it has become dirty, You are wondering how to clean Dash waffle maker. The good news is that Dash Waffle Maker is easy to clean! You need to take out any damp paper towels As this can be in direct contact with Your waffle maker. This can affect The performance of Your waffle, causing food to stick And smoke to appear. 

Use a Toothbrush

Use A Toothbrush

Clean Your Dash mini waffle after each use (You can quickly wipe it with a paper towel). However once a month is a time Of deep cleansing. Never immerse In water Or other liquids. Doing So will damage The heating element.

Instead, use a toothbrush Or a stiff brush dipped In warm soapy water to gently scrub both sides Of Your plate. But don’t scrub too much; You want to prevent scratching! Your kitchen Appliances last As long As possible.

Cleaning The Outside Of Dash

1. Use a damp sponge Or paper towel to wipe The outside of The maker. Once You’ve removed any food residue, Or used cooking spray Or oil, use a window cleaner on a microfiber cloth to make it a mirror finish! 

2. No need to worry about The window cleaner coming in contact with The non-stick cover of The griddle plate! Non-stick surfaces are extremely easy to clean. But remember: You can’t be too careful with sharp objects like knives And forks. Do not use any abrasive cleaning material Or anything that could scratch The top Of The refrigerator.

3. Finally, make sure that You dry The outside of Your appliance with a dry cloth before storing it for Your next use. 

Wipe Off Excess Soap

To clean a waffle iron, unplug The device And let it cool completely. If there are any loose crumbs inside, gently remove them with a butter knife Or similar device. Next, mix one-part dish soap with two parts Of hot water In an empty spray bottle. Remove The four screws And remove The back cover (note: some models will not have screws).

Spray The soap mixture on all problem areas, such As plates, lids, And removable drip trays. Then, take a soft towel And wipe off excess soap from all parts. Note: Always be sure to use soap when cleaning Your waffle machine As excess moisture can damage internal components. 

Dry Everything Up

Make sure this maker is completely dry before storing. If You have a clean, dry towel And cloth in Your hand, roll up The knot to release any steam while keeping The lid open. Then use those towels to carefully dry The interior. Also, clean any pieces so that they do not attract Or disturb The ants. 


I’m a self-proclaimed “cleaning freak”, so I must know how to clean dash waffle maker. This maker not only makes delicious Belgian-style waffles. It also makes any other kind of waffle if You just use a different recipe. Since I love my waffle maker, I don’t want to clean it too soon if The inside is still fresh And dry.

I was injured after waiting a few months before cleaning The machine. Since it is completely natural, Waffle Dash can be stored in Your pantry without worrying about contamination from mold, bacteria, Or other microorganisms. Before each use, The machine should be thoroughly washed.

Fill the unit with hot water And a small amount of vinegar Or soap if You wish. You will want to make sure that The waffle grid has been removed before You clean it. To remove food particles from The center And outside of The grid.

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