How To Arrange A Sectional Sofa In A Small Room

How To Arrange A Sectional Sofa In A Small Room

Small rooms are always cozy and hard to decorate. If you have a small room you can’t keep all your required furniture there and it will be tough to properly decorate it in a classy way. If you know how to arrange a sectional sofa in a small room, you can nicely decorate your small with that.

This are comfortable and far better than a standard or traditional sofas for your. Generally, it seems hard to place it in as it can take up the whole space and there will be no sufficient space for other furniture items.

It come with a variety of designs and patterns. The sizes are also unique and there are lots of choices to select from. It is a versatile type of furnishing item. They are multifunctional. You can use them in many ways and arrangement procedures are also amazing.

When you arrange a sofa in it, you must consider some facts. There are a lot of considering issues that you should keep in mind when arranging a in it. The considering issues are given below:

Detect The Attraction Point

First of all, you need to detect which point of the room is more attractive and your eyes will go to the place first. This is called the focal point.

Search the focal point of your where you can place your sectional sofa. The placement can be versatile. You can place it facing the entrance or facing the tv or facing the fireplace.

It is better not to place the backside of the facing the entrance. But if you don’t have any choice and in case you need to put the back part of your it facing the entrance due to its size, don’t worry. We have a solution for you.

 If the back part of it is facing the entrance, place a square or round table or desk in front of the back part. Then place a flower vase or a small table lamp there or any small showpiece. Then it will look welcoming.

No matter how you arrange your sectional item in it, the outlook should be welcoming, not overwhelming.

Quantify The Space

Quantify The Space

Before you buy any one for your one, you must quantify the required measurement. Keep one thing in your mind you should keep space between the wall and it. There should be enough walking space in the room even after placing it.  

As you are learning how to arrange a sectional sofa in a small room,  you should know the basic procedures as well. The measuring procedure is important.

If you first quantify the space and measure according to keeping enough for other furnishing items and keeping the walking space too.  

Take a measuring tape and determine the space at the focal point keeping space. Now place any type of paper or newspaper on the selected space for the item.

Have a look at the rear space. Then you will get to know how much space it will take and how much empty space will be there in it. Note down the measurement and now remove the newspapers.

Choose A Perfect Shape

Choose A Perfect Shape

Once you have measured the space, you need to select which shape you want or need in your room. Sometimes it varies depending on choices or sometimes it varies due to pattern.

Inspect the pattern of your and notice the corners carefully. If there is a square portion, then you can place an “L” shaped sectional or a “U” shaped sectional.

1. “L” Shaped Sectional Sofa

"L" Shaped Sectional Sofa

An ‘L’ shaped sofa saves a lot of your space and gives your a spacious outlook. You can match it with the corner of the room. But don’t directly push it towards the wall.

Keep enough space between the and the wall. You should place the at least  1 foot away from the wall. Another thing you can do is, place the in a floating position in the room.

2. “U” Shaped Sectional Sofa

"U" Shaped Sectional Sofa

When the pattern of your wall is awkward and you can’t place any sofa in position keeping enough space, you can choose a ‘U’ shaped sectional item. This will combine nicely with any awkward pattern and give your a nice outlook.

Place In Front Of A Window

Place In Front Of A Window

You can place your sofa facing the window or against the window. Both can be welcoming if you can set them perfectly.

But you should keep in mind that should not block the window. Keep a gap between the sofa and the window and the height of must be lower than the window.

Natural lights from the window with a classy curtain along with will create an aesthetic outlook.

In Front of The Fireplace

In Front of The Fireplace

This is another creative idea to keep yourself and your family warm and enjoy the weather sitting on the sectional it.

As you are learning how to arrange a sectional sofa in a small room, you should know the placements too.

The fireplace creates an amazing outlook itself. If you place a sectional with a warm soft color and match the pillows with the colors, it will create a cozy outlook and classy too.

You can gossip and enjoy your leisure along with keeping yourselves warm and enjoying the beautiful scenario.

Facing The TV

Facing The TV

If you want to watch a movie with your friends and family, this can be a nice idea to place the sectional facing the TV. You can watch news channels too. By doing so,  you can easily create the perfect family time you ever desire.  

Put Other Furnishing Items

Put Other Furnishing Items

When you are placing it, you don’t need any other to place there. But you can combine amazing furnishing items there.

Place a round coffee table as a centerpiece in the middle. Put a flower vase on the coffee table to beautify it.

Another thing you can do if the is ‘L’ shaped, you can place a square coffee table on one side of the sofa and put a table lamp there.

The table can be a glass table or a wooden table. Decorate with beautiful pieces so that the outlook does not seem overwhelming. 

You can position an average size real plant beside the or a faux plant.

Paint The Walls

Paint The Walls

Painting the focal wall can be a nice trick to highlight the area as you are learning how to arrange a sectional sofa in a small room. You can paint with a cool white color or you can create wall art to beautify the wall.

If you keep the wall bold, the will look smaller. So keep the wall color warm white and the color white as well. This will create a classy outlook.

Hang Items On The Wall Behind The Sofa

Hang Items On The Wall Behind The Sofa

To make more perfect and presentable, you can hang creative items on the wall such as creative wall arts, antique arts, faux flower drapes, etc.

You can create a fake window by painting if there is no window in the and then mount amazing curtains to create an elegant look.  

How Many Pillows Do You Need In A Sectional things?

How Many Pillows Do You Need In A Sectional Sofa

There are pillows of many patterns and sizes. You can mix up the sizes but don’t put too many pillows that will spoil the outlook.

For a sectional, you may put 5-7 throw pillows of mixed sizes. Make sure that the pillow sizes do not exceed 20″ in size. Place designer pillows and mix colored pillows to combine perfectly.

Is A Sofa Better Than A Standard One?

Is A Sectional Sofa Better Than A Standard One

They are the best choice to decorate it. Perhaps you won’t find any standard sofa according to the measurement you require but you will easily get it according to the size you require because it come in a variety of shapes and sizes. That’s why they are called the versatile ones.

Moreover, you can place a sofa easily even if the pattern of it is awkward as a sectional item comes with different shaped patterns to fit in any type of room. 


It will save a lot of his money as he will not need to spend money on expensive couches. This does the job alone.

So if you want to organize your things with a few furnishing items but the outlook needs to be fabulous, a sectional one is a right choice then.  

Keep a lighter color scheme and arrange it with tiny beautiful pieces. Hope you have got this article useful where we described how to arrange a sectional sofa in a small room. Share your opinions through your comments. Don’t forget to comment below. Enjoy your day!

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